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12-31-2011, 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by Darkjedi View Post
So when I see Star Wars homages, silliness, or simple poor craftsmanship present in the game, I feel the need to speak out. I feel the need to let the responsible parties know that they're on the wrong path. Unfinished Klingons after 2 years? Cathedral-sized interiors? Incessant zoning when flying across space? Foot-races for a holiday event? No music from any of the shows or movies? These are the things that worry me.
My two bars of latinum:

I don't disagree with the original poster. It feels like a lot of us believe the game is good, has the potential to be great and want to push Cryptic to do so.

I get that people get passionate about it (remember that fan is really short for fanatic), and frankly I've been offended by the tone on the forums of late. Cryptic vs. the Players is bad any way you slice it. I admit to being part of the mindset that Cryptic is not inherently evil, but when your heads are buried in code all day it's difficult to gain perspective. It's probably more difficult when the forums explode in flames over the slightest thing.

So why'd I quote darkjedi above? I slightly disagree. There's a place in Trek for silliness too. Q-Pid, The Trouble With Tribbles, A Piece of the Action, anything involving Captain Proton. All of these things have their place. I like that I can be the hero and save the planet from impending doom. And I like my scarf too.

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