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01-01-2012, 12:35 AM
Funny... that's exactly what I did have and that's exactly what I got killed with...

What has begun to work for me is Torpedoes on both ends (quantum or chromaton - damage or slow, both worked), turrets in the back (sure they don't have a lot of DPS but you can strap 3 of them and the power drain is reduced when you cross weapon arcs), and 2 cannons and a single beam on the front. And together with my weapon power skill i can completely offset the power drain.

Also a single console can make all the difference! I dropped a turn boost console in fed mirrorr even not long ago and now the ships spins around the axle so fast its tail cuts out that it looks like its drifting!

It was quite nasty actually! I survived the opening attack he gave me in the back but then i manage to outmanuever him into my forward weapon arcs then he just broke. So much firepower was just too much for an eency weency bird of prey. And if he cloaked he would know that his shields would drop and he would get pulverized in an instant so he tried evasive manuevers and i countered with my own. His shields were eventually drained, his hull was crippled and he died... painfully!

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