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I agree with the Original poster about the Borg looking like zombies. They are just as emaciated as one! As I recall, the original Borg from TNG were very bulky if for no other reason, their body armor. The First Contact Borg were simply strealined from this(i.e. fewer tubes). Seven of Nine's "baby" whom was named One should be the template on which the 25th century Drones are modeled after. He was certainly "Smarter, Faster, and more ruthless" than the horrors of wolf 359 as Spock put it.
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Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
I'm not sure if we are just arguing semantics or what. Just to be clear, by 'zombie look' I'm talking about two main things. 1) having more skin, flesh, etc, exposed, and 2) having design elements of line and color used in the 'robot' parts that suggest anatomical features. Like the light colored horizontal segmented armor plate design down the front of the abs that suggests an exposed spine, even though it is actually covered.

Maybe the problem is that you are using 'zombie' to refer to the details of the flesh 'programming animation/skin models' them selves, (e.g., what color tone the flesh is, how many wounds the flesh has) while I am thinking of 'zombie look' as being basically the opposite of an overall more 'robot look'.

From here on out I really can't understand what design you are in favor of or what one you are talking about. You seem to keep saying contradictory things. Please help me untangle this.

Here it sounds like you are talking about the 'new' ground drones which you said don't exist because you say they have always looked the same. Okay lets, give you the benefit of the doubt about being consistent at least. You don't mean these new ones, you mean these, the only ground borg the game has ever had?

Here you seem to be saying that the STO ground borg have more implants and technology covering up their bodies than the cannon borg do from the shows. But up top you said that the problem with the STO borg was that they had too much flesh, skin exposed?

But you also say that in the future you believe it makes sense for the borg to have less implants and technology and that this should make the STO (2409) borg look less organic. Doesn't less implants and tech covering their bodies mean more skin exposed? Doesn't 'organic' = flesh, skin , etc. exposed and tech, implants = looking more 'mechanical' right? So wouldn't less implants and tech mean more skin exposed and wouldn't that mean that mean that less implants and tech would make them more organic, not less organic?

Here you suggest again that the current borg are some kind of recent revision to the original in game ground borg which has brought us to the current 'new' ground borg (as opposed to the 'old' not-current ground borg). But again, up top you clearly indicated that you believe
"the Borg have had the zombie look ever since the game launched.
The models have not been altered... at all"

Now you seem to be in favor of "more humanoid" because it's a has a better 'fright factor'. Again, I assume that 'humanoid' = flesh, skin, etc exposed. But before you said that more flesh exposed was bad because it was "more vulnerable" and that in the future (2409) borg should look "less organic". Which are you in favor of... 'zombie borg' or 'robot borg'?

I admit, I've never stopped to look that close at the details. I'm usually too busy trying to avoid being assimilated. :p But again, maybe this means that your post is mostly talking about the animation model/"skin" details and not the overall amount of 'flesh' exposed vs 'robot parts'? (skin in terms of an art overlay, not skin in terms of 'flesh and tissue' even though the thing in question just happens to be a "skin/flesh" example of a 'skin/animation' overlay)

Now I am totally lost. Now you say have cryptic go 'back' to the 'old' models. For ground models you said their had been no change. What would they "switch" back to if they never changed?

Or maybe you are talking about the space drones. But you said that those were changed to be "much more in line with the IP". Why would you suggest that they change back if the the new ones are more accurate to the IP?

I could really use some help here.
Your over-analyzing waaaaayy too much.
You also don't seem to be reading through properly.

Less implants for one does not referr too what you can see, but how mechanized they are, how much of their body is organic and how much is technology.
29th century Borg have much much less "implants" than STO's 25th century Drones.
Emphasis on "implants" here, as it is not the same as exoplating/armor, which the STO Borg are severely lacking, hence why I talk and complain about "exposed flesh"

I am also referring to 2 sets of Borg models, the "Old Style" being the 24th century drones that have been dormant and appear in the Tutorial, Kithomer Accords and "State of Q", and the "current" ones being the 25th century Borg that appear everywhere else and are also "new" in the sense that they are a new design that was created specificly for STO as the Borg of the 25th century.

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