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# 1 ummmmmm...yeah.
01-02-2012, 04:03 PM
this is what we compete with for gameplay changes.

for starters....

[quote] So these are things that just irritate the hell out of me for varying reasons. The top 2 are the ones that bother me the most. If any of you can think of any bugs/content that needs improving or tweaking please respond maybe Cryptic will actually fix it.

1. There are no Alien Female Bridge Officer Candidates of better then common quality. This has been a fact since beta. I've had a ticket in since week 1 of release.

2. Alien Female Bridge Officers (common quality), and Alien Female Players do not have all the character creation options. Specifically bothering me is that they can't choose the "Long Nails" feature for hands.

3. Gold Pressed Latinum is abundant with no real use. Trophys of GPl and temp Holo emitters are shiny the first 5 minutes. Doff assignments needing GPl are new and few and far between. I suggest adding Ferengi vendors that sell gear for large amounts of GPL. Fits in line with the canon perfectly.

4. Bridge Officer Candidates on the exchange should be sub categoried for Federation and Klingon players. With limits of up to 400 searches it gets annoying even with filters.

5. Make Bridge Officer Candidates show their rarity color in the name of the item and not the little icon on the border. This helps those of us who can't make it out or are color blind.

6. Duty Officers on the exchange need severe sorting. First sub categoried by Klingon and Federation.
Secondly further sub categoried by Duty section. As in Tactical, Security, Engineering, Operations, Medical, Science, or Other.

7. Duty Officer assignments are not balanced in the slightest in terms of reward vs risk vs length. The xp on 30m 45m and 1h assignments is the same as longer missions. Where as 2h,3h,4h and so on have great risks of casualties and take more Duty Officers. One could say that they want people playing to have the better reward from doff assignments except for the fact that these atrocious 2h+ missions are 95% of the assignments in every sector.

8. Duty Officer assignments have a static update time. That's all well good except for the fact that when they update you get 1 or 2 missions sometimes or more often then not none at all. I've personally had shipboard updates give me 0 assignments more then a dozen times on multiple characters. This is purely poor design.

9. Duty Officer assignment rewards do not give the item listed as a reward 90% of the time. Any reward that has a tangible item such as new Duty Officers, Bridge Officers, weapons, armor, particles. I've finished recruitment missions where the reward lists 2 named Duty officers of green quality and i recieve 2 different common quality officers of entirely different specialtys. I've had a critcal success list a tetryon turret MK XI accx3 purple as a reward and upon collecting recieved a polaron turrext Mk X. I've had bridge officers reward have decent listed skills like Beam overload 3 and upon receiving have boarding party3. This a severly frustrating bug especially not getting the reward listed on a crit success when you really have to work to get crit successes.

10. If you take a daily mission, we'll say rescuing deferi captives, but you don't do the mission till the following day you run into a severly annoying bug. After completing the mission you can then take it again, as it's been more then 20 hours since you last took it. However when you go to do the mission and enter the map it will not have been reset from your recent completion leaving you unable to do said mission. This is true with every daily.

11. Several star cluster ground missions have a huge problem with terrain. Enemies and your away team will constantly fall through the ground. Rendering away team useless and enemies untargetable while they can still incinerate you. This terrain issue is another issue that has been around since beta. I've personally bug reported this before.

12. Advanced Heavy Cruiser and Excelsior Refit from the C-Store are the same ship, just different tiers, but only one of them has the Transwarp Coil Console. As with the Nebula they should both have the console.

13. Bridge Officers have melee skills but do not properly use melee weapons even though they can equip them. They just stand there if at range, only using the knockback if an enemy gets close.

14. Bridge Officers do not properly use Tribbles for buffs/healing. They only sometimes use them or when the idle "pet the tribble" animaton kicks in.

15. Combat Horta pets like the Elysium Horta and Polytrinic Horta share a cooldown. This makes no sense. They should have a staggered cooldown like sc/tact/engineering team does. You can only have 1 of each of these horta.

16. Following up from 15, Combat Horta can be equipped onto Bridge Officers but they will not use them. They should be able to use any item that they can equip.

17. Radan Tribble give 5 Dilithium ever hour. Awesome right? However if you accidentally pet him while his cooldown is going it restarts the timer on the dilithium part. This needs to be addressed, maybe allow the tribble to have a passive 5 dilithium an hour proc so petting is only for his buff.

18. Klingon theme music. Seriously where is this? The best song that personifys Klingons, originally from the motion picture and revamped for Star trek 5. This song should be in, i can't really get into my Klingon charcters because Federation music plays.

19. Stfs - The cooldown on running Stfs needs to be seperated. If i run normal Cure i should be able to then jump right in Elite. Waiting on people because of shared cooldowns is atrocious.

20. Fleet actions - no one ever runs these. Remove the minimum to start and just have freshly queing players join into the existing. I'm sure alot of players, such as myself can solo most if not all of a fleet action.

21. Odd numbered Mark gear is worthless with the exception of MK XI. Make it so that from levels 1-5 is MK I, 6-10 Mk II, 11-15 MK III, 16-20 MK IV, 21-25 MK V, 26-30 MK VI, 31 -35 MK VII, 36-40 MK VIII, 41-45 MK IX, 46-50 MK X, 51+ MK XI and MK XII. The gear already drops like this and "level appropriate items" use this range, with the exception of MK X+, make the use of the gear the same. This will help to fix the broken economy.

22. Level appropriate items do not work at VA. Love when i get this choice as a reward and get a MK X as a reward. Not only is it usless to me as a VA, but MK X gear due to the way the system works is worthless. It should always be MK XI gear with chances at XII.

I have more but it can't think of them right now. if any of you has any bugs or content that needs improving please post. Let's get this place fixed before they drop more c-store stuff on us in an attempt to keep our attention off these problems and on the new "Shinies". [quote]

im just not sure where to begin. i now know the reason why i stay in the pvp forums.

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