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# 1 The 349th ATF
01-03-2012, 10:02 AM
The 349th Assault Task Force is recruiting players of all ranks and skill levels.

Our fleet exists soley for the purpose of making your game experience more enjoyable. Also, due to the loss of so many players recently (thank you content drought), we are actively seeking new players to fill leadership roles within the fleet, and opportunities for rapid advancement are currently numerous.

To further this end, we feature fleet-crafting, gear assistance, and most importantly, helpful players. A dedicated PvP squad is there to help you learn the basics of STO PvP, you can choose to use your new skills with us or to take with you to a dedicated PvP fleet.

The 349th ATF is a mature, friendly fleet. Teamspeak is available and its use strongly encouraged. Our only rule is that you respect your fellow players.

PM me in game for an invitation or for information.

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