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  • New Ground Skills!
    • Blog post here:
    • All players must re-spend their skillpoints!
    • There are much fewer Ground Skills than before, and they follow a scheme similar to the new space skills.
      • Some skills are common to all careers, while some are career-specific.
      • Each career-specific ground skill unlocks a bridge officer training ability at Ranks 3 and 6 of the skill.
      • Some ground skills improve Shields and Armor.
        • The base values of Shields and Armor were not reduced, so these skills just make them better.
    • Any players that had the previous max skillpoint value will be automatically adjusted to the new maximum.
  • Space and ground skills have been separated!
    • It's possible to spend all your skillpoints without maxing out either space or ground.
      • This is intended, as you are allowed a small amount of leeway to spend your points.
  • The level range has been adjusted from 0 to 50.
  • Security officers on the power distribution of Drozana station and Captain Reaver should no longer attack KDF characters during the mission "Everything Old is New."
  • Skill Point, Bridge Officer Point and CXP rewards from duty officer assignments have been adjusted.
  • Duplicate bridge officers should no longer be appearing on player bridges.
  • Killing NPCs in Foundry missions no longer causes players to stop receiving kill credit on all maps.
  • Guild bank updates:
    • Stacks of items are no longer counting as a single item when being withdrawn from the guild bank.
    • Deposit and Withdraw log messages are now correct.
    • Credits can now be withdrawn from the guild bank when the money deposit permission is off.
  • It's possible once again to access Q's Winter Wonderland event information from the calendar.
  • The galaxy map should no longer open and be zoomed in so closely.
  • The team leader icon on the compass no longer uses a placeholder.

Duty Officers:
  • Renown assignments now appear after Establish Military Base assignments.
  • Surgical Alteration assignment rewards were brought up to be in line with other long duration rewards.
  • Adjusted the assignment outcome chance rigging to work with new math and adjusted the rewards for Colonial Negotiate Claim assignments.
  • The Hazard Systems Officer active roster power is now working with Brace for Impact as described.
  • The Maintenance active roster power is now working properly.
  • Addressed bad slotting requirements on Bribe Local Governor assignments.
  • Addressed bad department designations for several super-rare duty officers.
  • Made minor text updates for some assignments.
  • Neutralize Interference colonial assignments were re-rigged and shortened.
  • Increased critical assignment Dilithium rewards.
  • Increased CXP rewards for all assignments.
  • Updated rewards for critical outcomes for some colonial assignments.

  • Transphasic Bomb damage was improved.
  • The duration and recharge time of Engineering Ground Reroute Power to Shields was increased.
  • Added Electrical Damage to Fuse Armor.
  • Tuned Hyperonic Radiation so the Duration now scales over Versions I, II, and III.
    • Version I duration was reduced and Version III duration was increased.
  • Scaled Tachyon Harmonic knockback across versions I, II, and III.
  • Improved Subsystem repair skill so it’s less dependent on your percent of alive crew.
  • Changed Energy Siphon so if it is resisted, the target resists the magnitude of the effect, and not the duration.
  • Improved the effective resistance of Inertial Dampeners, Starship Sensors, and Power Insulators.
  • The bonus you get from Space Hull Plating and Space Armor Reinforcements skills has been increased.
  • Power Insulators now properly grant resistance to power drain.

  • Players set to anonymous are no longer able to receive friend requests and fleet invites.
  • When sharing missions, the "X already has this mission" message won’t show for the player that originally had the mission.
  • Qo'nos First City loading screen now properly displays its map snapshot.
  • The UI has now been updated to display "Rank Level" instead of "Rank Grade" (e.g. Commander 22 instead of Commander 3).
    • Note: Level numbers now display as one less than before.
  • Changed the names of ranks on skill tree to be full ranks instead of abbreviations.
  • Resolved scaling and blurriness issues with unique duty officer portraits.
  • Updated the Foundry slot purchase tooltip to indicate Refined Dilithium is required.
  • Removed old, now incorrect information from the character slot purchase tooltip.
  • It is once again possible to rename your ships in the status window.
  • The skill window will now display how many points have been spent in each tier, and the points required to unlock the next tier.
  • Chat Channel Admin: the rows for Member info and Member Status are now correctly aligned with the other columns.
  • The skills window filter list is now working as intended.
  • The team leader icon on the compass no longer uses a placeholder.

  • Blog post here:
  • This release contains DirectX 11 support.
    • This new rendering API can drive video cards supporting DirectX 10 and higher: 10.1, 11, 11.1.
    • The initial release is essentially a port of our DirectX 9 rendering features to DirectX 11.
    • The game should mostly look the same, as we have not added a lot of support for newer DirectX 11 features, we’re just getting a base from which we will continue adding such features.
  • We have not ported all low-end video settings support, just mid-level and high-end features.
    • Therefore, under the DirectX 11 rendering option, there may be some graphics problems with Video Options slider set all the way to Minimum.
    • Also, on hardware that only supports DirectX 10, like Nvidia GeForce 8800s and 9800s, when Antialiasing is enabled we do not currently support many depth-dependent Video effects.
      • This includes High-quality shadow mode, depth-of-field, and some others.
      • This is because Nvidia and ATI have not provided us a special driver back door we have available under DirectX 9.
  • Resolved an issue with alt-tabbing while in fullscreen mode.
  • Improved support for multiple monitors.

Known Issues:
  • Some graphics settings can cause shadows to look ‘blocky’.
  • There may be other graphical glitches here and there. Please use the /bug command to report them.

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