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01-04-2012, 07:48 PM
I know that one of the recent Dev blogs upset people with the projection of only 2-3 FEís a year considering that at one point it was a plan/hope to have 6+ a year. At the very least it is a realistic goal to say weíll only get 2-3 a year and maybe we will get moreÖ but itís always better to bid low and work your way up for things like this. If we get 2-3 a year then we are on par with what was put out, if we get any more than itís a bonus.
Someone else stated it best when they said STO is like a theme park with many different things to do. To me, thatís not a bad thing. I donít always WANT to do a raid with 4 other people because (as the new versions of STFs have shown us) itís not always productive/fun doing these with people you donít know if your fleet members are unavailable/uninterested.
Hereís a few of my suggestions for future content to STO. Iím just putting it out there for players and Devs to take a look at and think/comment about.

- More STFsÖ the way STFs use to be. A solid mission not broken up into space and ground. ďThe Children of KahnĒ has reportedly been worked on for nearly 2yrs now I believe. Please make it a solid mission. Sometimes itís good to have a mission that takes 1hr+ to complete. I recommend unique gear but nothing over the top as players who donít have the time to do a single mission that takes over an hour will get upset.

- More Events. Iíd like to see all the eventís we currently have stay in. And I like that they arenít accessible all the time. I would recommend keep the common/easy/quick ones as they are and just add other ones on the level of the Defera Invasion on top of that. A sort of 2 merry-go-rounds, the common/easy/quick ones being the mirror universe event, Academy events, Tour the Universe, etc. Then make a rotating schedule like we have for the Defera Invasion and future events on that level. Obviously, thatíll take some time but I think it would be better than fitting it all into 1 schedule since eventually youíre talking 3-4days until you can do some of the quick and easy ones once you build up enough of these events.

As for these future events they should be on the level of the Defera Invasion. I would really like to see something focus on the conflict between the Fed and KDF. I donít think (or rather donít really know) that it would be that hard to make a mission and then just re-use the map and just re-skin the NPCs and change a bit of the textÖ make an event that involves space with certain objectives then beam down to a planet/starbase with certain objectives and then simply change the spawn point for the factions and some of the text and which NPCs will attack. Make it into a good battle for a disputed system.

Perhaps a special space anomaly that is dangerous. Gives the chance to really gather some great crafting materials but is one giant puzzle with multiple little puzzles in it that you need to complete to get out of to save your ship and crew. That was a big thing in Trek through the ages and Iím confident a lot of people would like this. Add in some scan the anomaly things as well as the isolinear chip mini game on top of having to do something to stop a Warp Core overload etc. all while trying to figure out how to get out of the anomaly alive. I could almost see this as a sort of maze where if you donít solve the puzzle at certain spots it becomes a dead end. The key here would be variety and not just the same mini game over and over again for the length of the event.

Maybe an event where there is a terrorist/Klingon/Federation/Romulan attack on a Starbase you are on and you have to do what you can to stop them and get them out John McClane style.

Whatever the events are PLEASE NO MORE BORG, OR TIME TRAVEL, OR MIRROR UNIVERSE enemies. They were intended to be specialÖ but they are so common now that theyíve lost their significance.

As for a minor event Iíd like to see the crafting event stay on Memory Alpha/QoíNoS even if we are able to craft from our ships in the future.

-Diplomacy. The diplo events on Vulcan and over Bajor were awesome. Please add more of these. Itís a nice shift from having to run around and kill everything. The little ones like getting someone tea or something was pretty lame. I would have it so once you reach the top level of Diplomacy there are a few special diplo missions that cannot be accessed unless youíve reached Ambassador. Because I know once I reached the top level I stopped doing anything diplomacy related.

-Social zones. Not that we need more of them but add in something unique to each one. Add in mini games that can only be found at certain areas like Drazona has Domjat or something along those lines. ESD has the dance floor (more is needed there like maybe an NPC band), DS9 has the STF junk and Quarks, MA has the crafting event, Grenalda has nothing to offer, and SB 39 desperately needs something bad. Point is to make something different and fun for each place to give players a reason to go there as right now those places are rather boring. Each one needs just a little more to draw players there that canít be found anywhere else in game. Have a Batíleth tournament on Grenalda, have SB 39 have the best restaurant in the Galaxy that has some special food items (along the lines of the Winter Wonderland food). Stuff like that.

-Ship interiors. So many people have brought up that we need to do more from our ship. I agree. But the major stuff should remain at Starbases/planets. Like keep the crafting event at MA/QoíNoS. Allow us to use sickbay/engineering to heal/repair minor damage, Starbases for the more serious damage, and only ESD and QoíNoS to repair the most major. Also, more interior packs like the TOS one would be greatly appreciated. I understand those take some work but they would sell pretty good I imagineÖ I know Iíd love to see a TNG one (more preferably a Galaxy-X one).

-Klingon Content. Something is needed there. Some very simple missions for only Klingons is really needed to beef that side up. They donít have to be grand they just have to exist. Ideally the new Klingon missions would be in all new Klingon sectors as the Klingon Empire should really be much larger (show us Gorn Space).

I have more ideas but thatís a large enough wall of text I think.

Iíd like to hear some player and Dev feedback on whatís good/bad/wanted/unwanted/realistic/not likely.

Post some of your ideas here as well. Content ideas. Be they missions, events, c-store items, etc. Let the Devs know (in a civilized manner) what it is that you think would be good for the game... not just something you want but something that would actually add to the game and keep players coming back.

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