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Hi all I just got back into STO after a long break and would like to get some built advice, I am VA1 Engineer. Flying a Dreadnaught Cruiser. Here is what I current have going on.

Forward Weapons
Duel phaser bank Mk X [acc x 2]
Retrofit Forward Phaser bank Mk x [crth] [dmg]
Plasma beam array Mk VIII [crtd] [dmg x 2]
Rapid reload transpgasic torpedo Mk X

Aft Weapons
Antiproton beam array Mk X [acc] [crth] [borg]
Poloron beam array Mk X [crth] [dmg]
Tetryon beam array Mk X [acc] [dmg x 2]
Phaser turret Mk VIII [dmg x 2}

Deflector: Breen Mk X
Engine: Breen Mk X
Shield: Reman Mk x

Engi Con
+16 kenetic resist +16 all energy resist
+2.8% weapon power setting
+22% paser, disruptor, plasma, tetryon, resist
+22% flight turn rate

Sci Con
+32% crew recovery rate
+15 ship counter measure system

Tac Con
+24% phaser dmg
+15% all energy weapon dmg
Cloaking device

Emergency power to shield 3
Rotate shield freq 3
Miracle worker 3
Engi team 1
Nadion inversion 3
Polarize hull 1
Engi fleet 2
Brace for impact 3
Evasive maneuver 3
Tac team 1
Eps power transfer 3
Emergency power to weapons 1
Aux power to the emergency battery 1
Direct energy modulation 2
Beam array overload 2
Feedback pulse 1
Subspace field modulator
Eject warp plasma 3
fleet support 2

Any help on how to optimize or better my build for PVE would be great. Also any idea on how I should respec my toon would be great. Been using the same spec pretty much since the game was released.

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