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# 1 What do you think of these?
01-05-2012, 08:00 AM
The list below is comprised of stories I came up with for foundry missions. You might find them appealing and you might not. Either way its just so I can get good idea of what people like. (NOTE: I am fairly new to STO and need to play these myself in order to test them so most of the enemies will be Klingon)

GHOST OF PORTHOS: Follow the sounds and signs of a famous mutt from STE to lead you to a even more famous person. There is more fun in this one as it is long and leads you to some famous places. A dramatic and coming of age mission. Also a Q shows up.

ROCK AND ROLL IN OUTER SPACE: Follow a DJ and a Rock Band who want to bring the sounds of Rock and Rap to the quadrants. Who knows? They may end up writing a song about you. Also a Q shows up.

DEJA Q #2: The very same Q asks for your help as he has been thrown out of the continuum for no apparent reason. He is being pursued by a lot of angry races that have been annoyed by him in the past.

Side does one set the level if you put high level enemies in the mission. e.g. If I was LT6 and the rest were LV31 how do i get them to my level?

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