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# 1 Threat control
01-05-2012, 11:26 PM
Was kinda glad to see this talent pop up...will admit I've only been back for a few weeks, so I've not been up on every single suggestion sent Cryptic's way, but. The fact that escorts were the de facto "tanks" simply due to their dps aggro seemed...out of place. I've got my nice, buff cruiser with an EPtSIII and more ready to keep myself alive but I have to wait for the escort to die more often than not for the "boss" to focus on me.

That said, what I was about to suggest, and will suggest as well, is how about turning an ENG captain skill into a threat generator-perhaps add a threat modifier to shots fired while under Nadion Inversion? Yes, now I can just spec for extra threat, and there may be some SCI/TAC guy who likes flying a cruiser and wants to be a tank, so, I think I'd say leave the talent in, but. It'd be nice if the "proper" tanks (ENG captains) had a way to generate significant extra threat without spending talent points, or to pull the threat their way in case they needed to...

just my .02

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