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When im in ESD i have noticed near Q that the fountain flickers to black and the view of space flickers when looking at the windows. I fix this by disabled Screen Space Ambient Occulusion. When i turn it on it comes back to black and flickery.

I found this out by testing all video settings off on for example and this one option fixed that issue.

If you need more assistance on tracking the bug let me know cryptic.

I made some screenshots of problems i found and fixes.

Oh and the fountain actually still glitches a bit still with SSAO off but not as bad as when that option is ON.

Also the fountain water disappears when you are using Anti Aliasing but comes back if you turn AA off.

SSAO on =

SSAO off =

AA on=

AA off =

Oh and dosent matter if using dx9 or 11 option.

Ticket 1.249.793

Oh and found it if i set lighting quality to low it fixes the flickering totally. If that helps at all. Btw the no aa fix for water is only when viewing fountain from above not the side

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