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I am quite excited, if the 5th with early F2P access was anything to judge F2P by, F2P is going to be very successful. A large influx of people, and I'm assuming this weekend, as more people are coming back who use to be subbed, and can now do it for free, what have they got to lose? I think F2P is going to open the doors to future advancement of the game.

The patch on the 5th was great, it provided DX11 support (in Beta) which is nice, can't wait for Cryptic to use DX11 features and improve the visual quality of the game. I will be doing a performance comparison between DX9 and DX11 this weekend between the Radeon HD 7970 and GeFroce GTX 580 that will be published on our website next week. Looking forward to see if DX11 adds any performance over DX9 in this early stage. I will find out.

I like adding skill points to the Coils to improve Sector Space Warp speed and turn rate. Borg Engines now allow Warp 20 in sector space, and with slipstream Warp 29, almost 30. It also improves full impulse speed and turn rate. This is pretty cool, I found the best balance of this skill to be 6, which still allows Warp 19 with borg engines.

The new skill tree for ground and space is very good. At first, I was worried I wouldn't like it, but I am quickly warming up to it. The descriptions are better, the visual UI is better, it is easier to differentiate between space and ground. Overall, I'm digging the new skill tree a lot.

And as mentioned, the early F2P today, has been successful. I have talked to many people in Zone's who have come back after having played a year or a year and a half ago. It was a pleasure to talk to them all and help them through the new stuff, most of the feedback has been positive and they see that there have been major changes and additions to the game since they played.

Overall, great patch, and great January 5th. Look forward to the 17th in a big way.
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01-07-2012, 02:35 PM
i quite like the latest patch and the one on tribble.

i like the new transwarp button on tribble that consolidates all your transwarps into one easy place. thats very nice. the new sets seem to be getting some improvements which is good to hear. i hope they fix a few graphics issues on them as well.

the DX11 support is nice to finally have although there are plenty of issues to work out. its actually a drop down in quality at the moment but hopefully they will get cleaned up soon.

i personally like the new kill tree and the set up. its more streamlined but not too over simplistic.

higher warp is very nice for zooming around in.

im also very much looking forward to the new klingon flagship and the Odyssey class coming next month. Fingers crossed the DS9 series is not too far behind.
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01-07-2012, 03:55 PM
I'm indifferent about Free To Plays aim, but I like it, I think it adds a rabble to the game that was noticeably gone. too soon...

The changes seem pretty good to me, after being away for a while (lifer) I had a lot to catch up on over my Christmas Holiday...

I have concerns though:

- The 'silver' players and the "gold" players are not nearly as distinct as they should be... The only thing separating the two is when they have to open their wallets as far as I can tell... I can't imagine why anyone would pay a monthly fee to get some token advantages, when all the really groovy stuff is coming outta your wallet either way...

- I'm concerned that it feels like they are making this a game where buying stuff at home is really all there is to do... The dilithium exchange is a transparent way of saying "sure you can earn it over weeks, but for a few cryptic points can have it now..." *even* with crafting... which is disturbing in my opinion...

- That a game as young as this is already celebrating the need to get people in by offering it free... It sends a signal...and I don't think it's a good one... even if it seems like it...

Overall though I like that they are adding more stuff, and I like what they've done... The concerns are growing though... but that's why I got a lifetime account, so I won't have to think about whether to go silver or not...

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