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-=Sinister Swarm=- Now Recruiting!
Hail Starfleet officers

My name is Zandria, and I represent the Sinister Swarm, a multi-game community spanning over ten years and many games. We are currently re-launching our STO branch in anticipation of the new F2P launch, and are looking for some great new people to join us in our quest! What is our quest, you ask? Well, let's just say it involves aggressive feet, many posteriors, and a lack of bubble gum.

Who we are?
We are the Sinister Swarm, a multi-game Community with roots dating back to 1999 with Team Fortress and Everquest. We operate under a system of Ten Laws created by the guild founder, Emperor Venom, the key points being Respect and Honor between members and the other players in the games we frequent. Our interests are PvE, PvP, STFs, and general thrashing of all things bad guy, and we firmly believe and encourage members to assist each other with missions or builds whenever they are in need. As a multi-game guild we are always looking for ways to expand our community, and all Swarmers have a voice through our officers and our Guild Forums. The Swarm utilizes a member rank system, to reward those who display the effort and desire befitting a True Swarmer (see our forums!), with higher ranked members given the responsibility to run STFs, organize guild events, and so forth.

The official stuff:
Our Website:
Age Req: 13+ (mature players please ^_^)
Vent / Teamspeak: the Swarm has its own Ventrilo server, covering all of our current games of interest
Is Vent mandatory?: no, ventrilo is not a mandatory thing, however we do encourage members to listen in, if only for the amusement
Special notes: A desire to have a good time online, a sense of humor
Do you PvP? Yes, we PvP, any and all modes
Do you run 5mans / etc? Absolutely (^_^) we are all about raids, as well as general PvE gameplay and guild leveling parties
Personal Taboos: Drama, Heavy Profanity (we try to keep things between PG-13 and R)
Primary Timezone: all US time zones, afternoon/evening/night
Contact Info: @zandria, @capdux, @tekki, @sabaition

Games of the Sinister Swarm:
Besides STO, we are active in Champions Online, Global Agenda, many Steam games, various console games (PSN and XBL), SWTOR, Minecraft, League of Legends, and are currently in the Firefall Beta. Members of the Swarm are welcome and encouraged to move between our various chapters and interact with our community.

The Sinister Swarm and RP:
While the Swarm is not an RP-oriented guild, we welcome all gamers to join our community and join us in our quest to be the best we can be. Any and all members who do enjoy and participate in RP are encouraged to do so, with the understanding that our Ventrilo system and Officer chat are OOC zones.

Any and all questions about the Swarm may be directed to the above @names, and by all means send me an in-game mail or PM on the forums

Hail STO, and Hail Swarm!

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