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I'd like to see the Breen Carrier added to the KDF to around out our options for Carrers.

The Vo'quv is a Science geared Carrier

The Kar'Fi is a Tactical geared Carrier

The Breen Carrier could be an Engneering geared Carrier

The Kar'Fi was once an NPC only vessle that was latter added to KDF so why not do the same thing with the Breen Carrier.

The Breen Carriers look very sleek and it's just a big waste to be under using them like is being done.

I've only encountered the Breen Carrier a few times but I've seen two different skins of it and they both looked outstanding.

If the Breen Carrier was add to the C-Store has another +1 ship, has long has if came with Chaos Fighters, I'd buy it in a hartbeat
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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01-08-2012, 03:17 AM
I think it was "sorta" okay for the Klingons to get a Kar'fi since it was one of their own unique enemies and it's completely unlikely we'll see those guys as a playable faction.
But a Breen ship...there is still a remote chance we'll get sme kind of reborn Dominion faction and I don't think we should "waste" ships for such factions this way.

It's a phenomenon I observed in games like "Navy Field" and "World of Tanks" where playable sides were added some time after the game went online (in case of Navy Filed half a decade later) and the result are unit lists that are completely chaotic.

In World of Tanks the Russians have a British Premium Tank and when the British become available they'll have a different version of the same tank as a normal tank.

In Navy Field it's the same with the Germans who have an Italian Premium Battleship, the Americans having a Russian ship and the British having a French one.
The Russians and French are there and it's really weird to have the Dunkerque and her sister ships the Strasbourgh in different navies (and with different stats even though they were identical).

So I'm sorry, but I'll have to say no to this proposal of yours.

And I'd rather like to see a Gorn Battlecarrier with Kar'fi based stats and a reversal of the Tactical and Engineering BO and console slots instead.

With your proposal we'd also be running the risk of such a ship falling into Federation hands resulting in a continuaton of the JH fighter weirdness.

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