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12-31-2011, 06:09 AM
A transwarp point isn't enough to make people use it and to distribute the load. Look at starbase 39. it has a transwarp point but it isn't enough to make people want to go there to hang out. The only way to make people go to a location is to give it a specific need or service.

Think about the bridge of your ship. There is no need for ships interiors now since mission replay is now accessible anywhere. The only thing the bridge has is the ability to switch to your shuttle which only one mission in the game needs and that mission starts and stops in starbase 39 where the ship yard is.

Another example is Gamma Orionis Sector Block which use to be busy because it hosted stf's. now no one goes there except to Run the borg/undine front missions, terradome or to cut over to b'tran to farm. Now everyone is on DS9 because the borg equipment shore is there. you don't even have to go anywhere because the STF's can be played from anywhere with the PvE queue.

The only reason anyone fly's anywhere is because there is something that is needed. Memory Alpha is still needed for crafting. ESD for Boff training, DS9 for Borg Equipement (Maybe this should have been in the battle group).

Cryptic with this last Season condensed the population of the user base with its convenience features.

If they wanted to make the place more busy they should have put things like the Andriod Boff requisition for 700 days in there since everyone with 700 has access to it. Make it a social place by maybe adding a social game or two in there. the Ritzy Decor screams for games like dabo or poker even. Instead of just adding services make it like an exclusive night club. Make it a social environment that make me want to go there. Otherwise I may just keep sitting at esd or Ds9 because I know I can transwarp back and forth and access all the PvE/PvP queues with out ever leaving space dock.
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# 32
12-31-2011, 10:27 AM
I get what you are saying Rob_mc_1,

But I am VC1 and I do not have a Transwarp point that I can use from anywhere in space to get to Starbase 39. Do you get it though some mission, or are you referring to the conduits?

And yes I realize something exclusive should be added to make it a destination like DS9, but I am looking for them to get this done by F2P launch and that means they only need to add a transwarp icon that you can redeem from the store. And that icon would take you to a designated point that they can easily program in.
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# 33
12-31-2011, 12:46 PM
The transwarps come from doing diplomacy- at tier 2 diplomacy you get Starbase K7 I think, then SB39 at tier 3, then DS9 at tier 4. Unfortunately leveling up diplomacy now is much, much slower than it used to be, so getting these transwarps will take a while.

To the earlier post a couple pages back that said any development on the CT can only be justified once access keys are offered on the C-store, I disagree. First of all, the only players granted access are those who have already put in a significant monetary contribution to the game, either in the form of an LTS or being continually subscribed for 400 days. Cryptic can't put in a little effort to show their appreciation to those high-value customers? They have no problem offering in-game advantages to players via the C-store, why can't they also offer some in-game advantages to those who have contributed financially via different means?

Second, a lot of these suggestions don't really require any significant development effort anyways. We're mainly talking about adding one or two NPCs with enhanced services, wiring up a transwarp, or perhaps adding some minigame assets that already exist i.e. Dabo. Frankly, the development effort that went into the recent lirpasaber giveaway was probably more involved (since it required creation of new art assets) than what would be needed to spruce up the CT a bit.

Honestly I think even something as simple as a high-stakes Dabo table, where you can bet up to 1000EC per slot instead of 100, would be enough to bring in some steady traffic and set up a permanent rolling population. It'd be a perk that doesn't unbalance gameplay, would only be accessible for LTS/400-day vets, and would be attractive/useful/convenient enough (EC to GPL conversion) that people might actually go to the CT to utilize it. Especially now that DOFF missions can require GPL, the demand for it is higher and people will want to be able to earn it faster vs. grinding Dabo at the "normal" rate.

Thinking further on this, the concept of taking your ship into the nebula to access the CT is a bit incongrous. It's the captain's table, for the captain only, not the entire ship and crew. What does the crew do when you enter the nebula? Stay on ship in orbit? It might not be unreasonable to simply do away with the "space" portion of the CT and then have the CT be accessed directly via transwarp or menu-drop down. That way it's more like just you, the captain, gets access to the CT rather than your whole ship/crew. Sometimes to RP I get in my runabout/shuttle and then go to the CT.

And you don't need to add every function to the CT to make it a viable place. If you added everything to the CT and then allowed easy access from anywhere via transwarp, probably everybody'd use it and ESD would be left to the freeping noobs. Making it useful in terms of having everything routine available (i.e. being able to bank/sell your loot, outfit/repair your ship and crew, buy essential consumables like batteries and hypos) but keeping other stuff exclusive to the public social zones (such as BOFF training, special/timed event access, etc). would mean ESD would still receive decent traffic from regulars.
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# 34
01-08-2012, 01:04 PM
I think this idea may get new support if you take a gander at Tribble. I noticed that the Transwarp power has been moved from the powers menu into an icon where the old Scan icon used to be(and now the scan icon is below it). When you click on the now permanent to menu Transwarp icon, it brings up a dialogue box not dissimilar to the one we now see when receiving an item from Q"S Winter Race or as as a reward for mission completion.

This leads me to believe that maybe they plan to either sell a whole lot more Excelsior class ships with Transwarp option, expect all the returning and F2P players to be doing a whole lotta of diplomacy missions,... or that the request to make Captain's table more viable & useful through a transwarp spot on this new list may become a reality.

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