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Don't know if this been posted in past, too far to browse archived old posts.

i am aware of romulans' special interests in borg tech, been run thru episodes.

but i am also wonder if other unknown faction from unexplored quadrants or far reaching unknown galaxies if they were infected by borgs or technically different made factions.

i dont think borgs are alone with this type of evolution or assumed others might be far superior than gamma quad borgs, or outdated tech inferior.
other faction may not used cubes or spheres, but exotic ships.

they may not see each other as allies if they made contact, some would assimilated or "nihilismic", what a scary thoughts.
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01-09-2012, 06:40 AM
We been over the Borg topic again and again and again. In the past a lot of people were against it, saying the Borg are too powerful to make into a playable faction, but others like me are on the side of making it happen if you divide it up. Like have a Borg civil war of something of that narture going on. Like a break away Borg group. We seen it in the Past shows, be it TNG or even VOY. There were Borg that worked outside of the collective, so why can't you have something in the game for the players?

I think it can work if done right, and you can still keep the main game borg as they are now.

As I see it after F2P is live, we should get a few more faction anyway, I think we can support the new factions with the number of new accounts soon to come.

The Faction wish list is always as follows:

1. Romulan Star Empire
2. Cardassian Union
3. The Dominion
4. The Borg
5. Ferengi Commerce Authority

Well you get the idea anyway. I know we could fill in a few of the above factions, if they are done right, but don't look for any of them until the game settles down after the F2P goes live.
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01-09-2012, 10:01 AM
If they ever did make a Borg faction, I would be all in favor of a breakaway group, or a faction made up of liberated Borg. The Borg themselves aren't necessarily "too powerful", but they are kind of awkward from an RP standpoint... If the Borg themselves became a faction, it would be best to say that they'd developed a new type of semi-autonomous drone, to give the players some explanation as to why they're able to fly their sphere off to the middle of nowhere and the collective doesn't get angry.

As for a "break-away" faction... What I would love to see is faction-switching implemented for player characters. Add some sort of long story arc, and allow people to change sides. Plenty of NPCs do it - we've got Duty and Bridge Officers from the Remans, Orions, Borg, Breen... it ought to be the players' turn! So, if faction switching is implemented, they release a new "Liberated Borg" faction, and those people who have L. Borg characters can switch into that faction (and could create new characters in that group).

This faction would have its own storyline, about escaping persecution, trying to carve out a niche in the galaxy, making a new life with their liberated comrades, etc. etc. The existing non-Borg factions would be angry at them for stealing their guys, and also worry about them turning into a second collective, while the Borg would be trying to get them back in the collective.

I think that this would probably be the most compelling way to do a faction. A lot of really good episodes have dealt with this sort of thing. We could even get cameos from Hugh, or some of the drones from Unimatrix 0.
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01-09-2012, 11:16 AM
um... i dont htink this guy is asking for a borg playable faction. I think he's asking if there could be other parts of the galaxy with seperate collectives that have different tech and ways than the "classic borg" and how they might beable to come into play in the gae. IE work with the Delta Quad borg, fight them, Etc.
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01-09-2012, 12:22 PM
That's true, I was responding more to the second post... I still want to see a rival Borg faction as playable though.

But yeah, even an NPC faction would be cool, made up of liberated or whatever Borg. I mean, Lore had a mini-collective that flew their own style of ship, so why not others?

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