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# 1 Oh that versatile Hegh'ta...
01-10-2012, 01:34 AM
For a tactical captain trying to make his deeps pretty much as good as he can get it...the versatility of the Hegh'ta BO setup is wonderful, but also a little frustrating. Predominantly just PvEasy with him, so. Here's what I'm thinking. Conventional DHCs+torp up front, turrets in the aft.


Not a lot of utility, but. I have this horrible propensity to get mobs mad and shooting at me rather than the other people in the instance (it'd be nice if cruiser captains spec'd into threat control -_-;. I've found myself liking ASIF as a hull heal-yes, numbers aren't big but such a quick recharge...and. I do want 2 copies of EPTS for full uptime on that skill. A little lighter than I might like to be on shield healing, but. I do want the other three BOs contributing to my damage output, and I THINK (tho correct me if I'm wrong) that DEM is one of the best non tactical BO skills for enhancing a cannon man's numbers, and tachyon beam is probably the best LT level SCI skill for making mobs die faster...

I think I've got a good setup, probably at least 95% of what I could possibly do, but. The possibilities presented by having universal BOs in some ways screws with me, thinking it could possibly be more optimal...if I could count on other people tanking the Tactical Cubes, etc, I might go with 2x ENG LTs and a LTC SCI-HE1, TB2, GW1...What say you, forum goers?

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