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  • Players may now log in using either Cryptic or Perfect World account credentials.
  • Vendors on Deep Space 9 now have appropriate overhead and map icons that show what the vendor sells and which currency they use.
  • All Qo’noS Foundry contacts should now work properly.
  • All space weapons have had their FX updated:
    • If you miss while firing them, the FX for them will miss now too!
  • Updated the spawn points in Regulus so that you don't face the wrong way when transitioning from Alpha Centauri.
  • Players can no longer use calendar and journal transwarps when dead or in combat.
  • The Community Authored tab is no longer disabled for silver players.
  • Call Trade Freighter now correctly gives access to the exchange.
  • KDF characters can no longer kill the vacationers on Risa.
  • Klingon characters now have access to the B’Tran cluster.
  • PvP maps will now wait a minute before ejecting players.
    • This means the rewards window will stay up longer.
  • More French and German translations have been added.
  • All transwarp powers are now usable only after completing the tutorial mission.
  • The Special Task Force Equipment mission has been updated for KDF characters so they can now turn it in.
  • The number of spawn points has been increased for both Sol System and the Sirius Sector Block.
  • The client should no longer minimize when making changes to in-game options.
  • The client should no longer minimize when clicking outside it while in fullscreen mode.

  • Updated audio to resolve issues with extra echoes/reverb.
  • Added some missing audio to nano-pulse weaponry attacks.
  • Adjusted space phaser cannon audio volume and levels so they sound a little beefier now.

Duty Officers:
  • Added new shipboard duty officer assignments each of which will, on a critical success, buff a skill for two hours from turn-in of the assignment.
    • More such assignments will become potentially available as you gain tiers in the Engineering, Medical, Science, Development and Military commendation categories.
    • Both Ground and Space skill buff assignments are available.
  • Modestly increased the number of shipboard assignments potentially available at any particular time.
  • Increased the chance of the Warp Core Engineer duty officer active roster power to activate.
  • Duty officer assignment "Reclaim Borg Drones" has a more appropriate critical reward.
  • Updated duty officer asylum assignments that were sometimes incorrectly giving poor quality duty officer rewards.
  • Colonial Emergency Supply Federation duty officer assignments are now giving the proper Dilithium Ore reward on critical.
  • Updated text in Gagh duty officer assignment to address a typo.
  • Updated the UI for Duty Officer assignments to better indicate bonuses based on quality.

  • Space sets have been updated.
    • Complete list of changes have been posted on the forums:
    • Breen: Reworked bonuses to tie in to a set concept of "Dominate the Breen"
        • This item's base Deflector type tied nicely into this concept already, and required no modification.
        • All skill bonuses now conform to a standard bonus model.
      • SHIELD
        • Reduced Polaron Resist from 30% to 20%.
        • Replaced Power Transfer Rate with EPS Skill Boost, which has the same net effect.
    • Aegis: Reworked bonuses to tie in to set concept of "Defense and Avoidance"
        • Created a custom set of skill mods that more closely match the intended concept of this set.
        • All skill bonuses now conform to a standard bonus model.
      • SHIELD
        • Replaced "Shield Emitter" skill bonus with "Shield System" skill bonus.
        • Standardized skill bonuses to same scale as Deflector bonuses.
        • Updated description, otherwise untouched.
        • Changed 3% resist bonus with 10 stack max to 6% resist bonus with 5 stack max.
          • This speeds up gaining the max effective bonus without making it more powerful.
    • Klingon Honor Guard:
      • DEFLECTOR: Added "Flow Capacitor" skill boost
      • ENGINE: Replaced "Warp Core Potential" skill with Efficiency for Weapons/Shield/Auxiliary systems.
      • SHIELD: Added another +Capacity bonus
      • 2 PIECE: Bonus Torpedo Dmg now applies to all torpedoes, not just High Yield and Spread.
    • Maco:
    • DEFLECTOR: Added "Graviton Generators" skill boost.
      • ENGINE: Warp Speed corrected to 12.
      • ENGINE: Replaced "Engine Performance" skill boost with "Driver Coil" skill boost.
      • SHIELD: Power Bonus now lingers for 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
      • SHIELD: Added another +Capacity bonus.
      • 3 PIECE: Damage of Graviton Beam now scales with Aux power.
    • Omega:
      • DEFLECTOR: Added "Graviton Generators" and "Particle Generators" skill boosts.
      • ENGINE: Added another +Turn modifier.
      • ENGINE: Slipstream Capacitor properly now reduces Slipstream cooldown by 50%.
      • SHIELD: Added another +Capacity and +Regen bonus.
      • 2 PIECE: Tetryon Glider is now fully-functional.
        • Shield Drain is not reported in combat log, but we're working on a solution to this.
    • Borg: Reworked bonuses to tie in to set concept of "Resist the Borg"
      • ENGINE
        • Increased max Full Impulse speed.
        • Created a custom set of skill mods that more closely match the intended concept of this set.
        • All skill bonuses now conform to a standard bonus model.
        • Reduced magnitude of Hull Regeneration by approximately 40%.
        • Reduced max frequency of effect from once every 45 seconds to once every 60 seconds.
        • Added passive skill bonus to Hull Repair skill.
          • This increases effectiveness of all heals, including the 2-piece proc.
        • Added passive bonus to Hull Regen rate.
          • This is displayed as +0.2, works out to shaving about 20 seconds off Regenerating a 20k HP ship from 0 to full.
        • Power will now only fire when one of your shield facings is <20%.
        • Increased frequency of proc from 2% to 10%.
        • Reduced magnitude of Heal and Heal-Over-Time to approximately 60% of previous values.
        • Added an additional effect to this proc that will cleanse all Hazard Debuffs, such as the Borg Shield Drain, and continues to cleanse every .5 second for 15 seconds.
  • Immunosupport Nanite Injectors now properly clear the "Assimilated" debuff from players infected by Borg enemies.
  • Modified Assimilation to fire off the final assimilation at a lower HP threshold.
    • This should reduce the frequency with which players will seem to be "instantly" assimilated.
  • The Nausicaan Energy Leech console is working as designed again.
    • Can apply up to 8 stacks of -1/+1 energy drain on a target.
  • Garumba Siphon has been updated so it can now be properly resisted by players with skill in Power insulators.

  • A Transwarp button has been added to the minimap underneath the large warp button.
    • This button allows you to select your transwarp destination from a list instead of slotting your transwarp powers into your power tray.
  • The Duty Officer icon on the minimap has been updated to match other Duty Officer iconography in the game.
  • The PVP icon on the minimap has been updated to improve legibility.
  • Bridge Officer powers placed in the Personal Trays remember where they are placed, no matter when or how often Bridge Officer assignments are changed.
  • Updated the character rank display:
    • Level zero will no longer be displayed, it'll just display Ensign.
    • The level number is now in parentheses following the rank name.
  • It is now possible to change a ship’s designation via the new Commission Ship UI.
  • Added "Suggested Traits" to all player species.
    • During character creation, player trait selection will be pre-filled with a list of suggested traits.
    • They can still be customized.
  • Added an auto-hail feature for mission hails.
    • It works only when you’re on a non-mission map and no hail is currently open:
      • If there is a complete remote-hail mission, it will automatically hail the contact.
      • Otherwise it will hail the contact for your next available mission.
  • All critical hits should now be labeled as such in the combat log.

Known Issues:
  • MACO 2 Piece set bonus is not functioning as intended.
  • Omega Engines are granting a cooldown reduction on all space powers instead of just the Quantum Slipstream.
  • Occasionally, some items in the stores are missing icons and text.
    • They work properly and can be equipped as expected.
    • Changing maps or relogging will update the items with the correct icon and text.
  • The Mask Energy Field set bonus on the Klingon Honor Guard ship item set incorrectly leaves teammates’ ships in stealth when they are firing.
  • Opening the Skills Window with your ship selected while in space incorrectly displays your character’s skills.
    • Select your character before spending skillpoints, as it does not work with the ship selected.

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