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I believe the prototype tech drops rates are ridiculous, Iím sure many others will agree with that. Iíve run
into people that have done 300 elite runs with not one single prototype tech drop, while some got a FULL
Mk XII set less than 50 Elite runs. It is totally unfair to people that they would have to rely on ďluckĒ to get the sets.

People are quickly getting burnt out with the STFs. There should be some sense of progression to getting the full MK XII set. I would like to make some suggestions to fix this problem.

My suggestions:
1. Number of runs:
100 Elite Infected runs = Prototype PSG Tech token
100 Elite Cure runs = Prototype Weapon Tech Token
100 Elite Khitomer Accords runs = Prototype Armor Tech Token

2. Trading in:
60 Elite EDC to get 1 prototype tech
6 common tech for 1 prototype tech
3 rare tech for 1 prototype tech
30 rare salvage for 1 prototype tech
20 prototype salvage for 1 prototype tech

3. Increase the drop rates
Completing the STF-related accolades should increase the drop rates of the prototype tech
Completing an Elite STF optional should greatly increase the drop rates of the prototype tech

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