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Excuse me while I re-post something from the Doff System page of the Tribble Subforums:

Originally Posted by timotheus.d View Post
I've seen a couple of engineering Doff missions that require 4x of a specific specialization.

The two I've seen are:
"Experimental Deflector Array Upgrades"
"Experimental Console Upgrades"

I think requiring 4x of these highly specialized officers is a bit much.

By All means, Slotting 4x, Should increase Crit chance. but I think it should be 2x Deflector officer/2x diagnostic technician +2 other eng/ops.

what do you think?
I'm reposting here, because I made a suggestion to Heretic in DoffJobs or TTS and He suggested I post here. I searched for my previous post, and appended it there, not realizing it was in the Tribble Section. This is a suggestion I had for a slight tweaking of "Experimental Pistol Upgrades" and requesting comment on other "Experimental X Upgrade" Doff missions that could use slight tweaks.

Originally Posted by timotheus.d View Post
One other thing Re: Experimental X Upgrades:

Just got "Experimental Pistol upgrade"

required 2x fab engineers, 2x any, (fab engineer for better outcome.)

I think those universal slots should see the same benefit from slotting in an armory officer. An armory officer would be in charge of maintaining firearms, and training the crew on them right?

same would be true for other ones,

Fabrication engineer seems a reasonable universal thing for these missions, (fabrication="Go build something") but deflector officers should benefit experimental deflector upgrade, shield distribution officer should benefit ship shields. Armory officer or shield distribution officer should benefit Personal shield generator. etc.
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01-12-2012, 12:58 PM
I agree. My fabrication engineers see really little traffic outside these missions, and they're not that common. Only other place I think I use them is those big 500 point engineering sector assignments, and they're also pretty rare.

If there were several of them a reset, I could kind of see it - they'd be like security officers, there's always assignments asking for them so having 5 or 6 doesn't end up feeling excessive.
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01-12-2012, 01:07 PM
It's an interesting idea. I will look into it.

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