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01-12-2012, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by D207 View Post
I would be nice to have it back, but since cryptic is all hush, hush about things to come, it would be quite useless, since all of these responses would most likely end with “Soon”™

Q: New content?
A: Coming Soon

Q: New Ships?
A: Coming Soon

Q: Bug fixes?
A: Coming Soon

I really don’t see the point in wasting the developers time in this as most of the questions will most likely have to do with upcoming things in the game.
As we all know “soon” can mean any time from 1 day to 1 year or more.

Case in point “PVP”, “KDF”
If you have to ask then there REALLY is no point in having it back.
What's the point of having communication with the community in the first place then? If none of our demands for future content are satiated, then the community will just die away eventually. I'm definitely for the Ask Cryptic Threads because it forces Cryptic to have to continually set new goals based on new community feedback.

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