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01-12-2012, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by darthpanda16 View Post
Anytime that you have a website showing up with corrupted or misplaced images and text, emptying your cookies and cache, then restarting the browser usually helps.

CTRL+F5 works on most browsers but not all, and sometimes won't work fully on some Flash/HTML5/PHP/CSS heavy web pages.

When new pages are released, sometimes your antivirus will decide to block part or all of a page too. Be sure to add the domains to your antivirus exception list for the web sites that you use that you know are ok.

Also, if you are using an ad blocking program or plugin, you may have to disable those and refresh the pages that are giving you problems.
This answer, while sounding very intelligent, amounts to little more than nonsense meant to cover up incompetence. And if I get an infraction for saying this, then so be it. But I can't stand idly by and pretend like this answer is anything other than what I just said it is.

You released a new website today that resulted in many dozens of people on the forums stating the website was broken, myself included. I have been programming for more than 25 years, so I definitely know what I'm talking about on this subject and every language you haphazardly mentioned above to make it sound like you have a sophisticated website.

And while that number may not sound like many people, those are just the people I came across in the forums. No doubt, hundreds of people experienced this issue today. And what is sad about this is that it was completely preventable through some of the most basic programming concepts. There's no excuse for this.

And really, I don't care that much that you broke your own website. But I definitely take issue with you pretending like this was anything but your fault. If this is the kind of support/programming we can expect from PWE, then I was sorely mistaken when I thought that Cryptic set the bar pretty low.

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