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Step one: remove "Bind on Pickup" from EVERYTHING (well everything but C-Store items of course)

Step two: "Bind on Equip" still exists, which is OK, i don't love it but i can live with it, but introduce a mechanic to unbind those items from a character!

Step three: add a Dilithium OR Energy Credit cost to this unbinding process (depending on what the item was bought with, or maybe on it's quality... or something), 50% of the original dilithium / EC cost sounds fair.

the dilithium cost would mean that i can trade used items i no longer need with my other Chars.
for Energy Credits i probably would put it on the exchange afterwards.

In fact all those BOUND items only exist this way because the Dev's want these items to exit the game economy, this is no longer an issue if you add a cost to unbinding these items.

Either way it would be an additional EC or DL sink and i know the Dev's responsible for the Economy would like more of that.

But what does this accomplish for the Players?
Why would WE want that?

First every item should be tradeable, no exceptions! (only exception C-Store items, obvious reason is obvious)

Example 1: The Breen BOff from the Breen Series was tradeable, did this break anything?
Was it bad in any way for anyone?
No it was awesome, we were able to get multiple of those and sell (or gift) them to people who did miss the Event, why is this bad?

Then the next Series had a Reman BOff.
BOUND! Impossible to trade or email. WHY?
Was anybody happy about that?
Did this accomplish anything?

Example 2:
The Jem'Hadar Ship!
It was able to be traded, this was a "super rare" ship, probably all of them have been bought with real cash (because that winter event chance at getting it... was a FAAAAKE), so did this break the System?
They were sold in the Exchange for 300 million EC, probably the most expensive item on there yet (how do people even get so much EC? i have maybe like 10 scattered around 8 chars?)
No, it did NOT break anything, it was an awesome way for the *ingame-rich* but *RL-poor* long time Players to get one of those.
I never cared about EC because you can never get anything good for it, at best some common endgame crafting items, but even those are now worth dilithium, so fat chance getting that stuff for EC in the exchange now.

What i am saying is, let the ingame exchange run however it runs!
Let people trade EVERYTHING, even the Borg EDC and Elite STF drops!

OMG Borg EDC tradeable? Why would this ever be a good idea !?!?!
You really need ask that?

Simple, because it does not create any Problems for anyone, but it SOLVES all of the Loot Problems STF's currently have.

Right now the STF Mk XII Set items drop randomly (and it probably will stay this way forever, no matter how much we complain about it).

There are 3 Set items (per Set).
If you have 2 of those, you have a 66% chance of the already horrible drop chance to end up with one of the two items you already have, and only a 33% chance to get the item you need.
(so in fact for that last item to complete the Set the horrible drop chances are 2 times worse!!!)

Now lets make these drops NOT bind on pickup,

suddenly you can go to the Auction House with your useless drop and maybe even change it in for the item you actually NEED.
Instead of hunting for Months and Months after that one item, you just traded it.
Problem solved!

You could send any redundant items per email to a fleet buddy,

or the ALTaholics (like me) can now send the redundant Mk XI and XII set items to the other chars we do not even play STF's with (they are all MY chars, if i get a drop, i did the work and nobody else, only because i play 8 chars it does not mean i can play 8 times as much as any other player who plays only one char, sure it is more work and needs more time, but does it have to be "IMPOSSIBLE x8" ?!

Why should i not be able to use the item that i earned the way i want?)


i remember, Diablo 2 had much worse conditions to trade items,
no global auction house,
only direct player 2 player trade window (which means you can easily get scammed)
on *servers* that only allowed 8 players at the same time in it.
Yet trading was a HUGE thing in this game and in Diablo 3 it will be even bigger because it gets all those new tools.
There are no limitations what you can trade in Diablo and that game is a LOT more item heavy than STO ever was or will be.

So why all those limitations in STO?

As i see it, Cryptic could shut down the STO Exchange completely today and no one would be off (much) worse.
You can only trade the common garbage that is worth nothing for a currency that is good for nothing else...
all the good items, that would be worth something, are Bound as soon as you get them.
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# 2
01-12-2012, 03:32 PM
....just no
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# 3
01-12-2012, 03:51 PM
The EDC/Salvage/Etc issues could really be solved by;
  • Adjusting the cost and drop rates of STF rewards in favor of players.
  • Re-making the system to ensure everyone gets a bonus reward if you complete the optional.
    • This bonus would be salvage and double EDC for normal
    • It would be guaranteed proto-tech for elite
  • Removing need. Period. Pass or Greed only.

As for binding and rarity, may I offer a simple counter-proposal?

All items that are bind-on-equip should give 50% more EC when sold to a vendor.
All items bind-on-pickup should be sell-able to a vendor for appropriate Dilithium instead of EC.
No items below Captain level except for special mission rewards should bind at all.

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# 4
01-12-2012, 06:09 PM
Making STF gear tradable doesn't fix the problem of too low STF drop rates. Since they'd still be too low, and the STF gear still exceedingly rare, they would command prices nobody could realistically pay (i.e. the Jem'Hadar ship. Only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the playerbase could buy them on the exchange). It also doesn't solve the problem of getting Mk XII sets either since you can't buy them with EDC. Mk XII elite STF sets would easily end up being even more expensive than the Jem'Hadar ships, since anyone could have gotten a Jem'Hadar bug if they poured enough money into red boxes. You can't buy the STF elite gear, you have to grind for it and get lucky.

What I would like to see is "bind on equip" items become bound to an account, and not a character. If I want to gear up an alt with old stuff from my main char, I should be able to do that, not go back out and grind it all again or buy new off the exchange.
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# 5
01-12-2012, 06:43 PM
There are 3 Set items (per Set).
If you have 2 of those, you have a 66% chance of the already horrible drop chance to end up with one of the two items you already have, and only a 33% chance to get the item you need.
(so in fact for that last item to complete the Set the horrible drop chances are 2 times worse!!!)
Each item is dropped only from 1 mission so if you have 2 pieces you only have to grind the third mission to get the third part of the set and you will not get any of the other set parts.

I do however agree with the bind to account options. I hate having to go out and re-grind for new stuff that I have already had.
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01-12-2012, 10:34 PM
Personally... Unless it is actually FUSED into your body/ship and would have to destroyed or drastically alter your ship/body to remove it I do not see the excuse for Binding ANYTHING EVER. It is the most annoying thing that MMO developers EVER came up with this side of Grinding in general. Especially when you cannot even trade it among your OWN characters... It is bad enough when you magically cannot give the item to anyone else...
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# 7
01-12-2012, 10:48 PM
This exact same thread has come up in hundreds of forums for hundreds of MMOs. The end result is that I do not see how, in any way, it would resolve *any* of the most pressing problems we're seeing in the game. Making loot unbound is not going to make up for the complete lack of content, it will throw the entire exchange economy into complete chaos, it will create twink characters with players that have gear that they NEVER should have earned....there's really no upside to this.

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