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So awhile after spending 4 hours on 'The Big Dig' daily today and remembering how much of a mistake that is, I had an idea. Since things are now going the way of Calendar Events, why not add more? Like Wednesdays are STF double EDCs. (Where is Terradome and why is it not in the STF or a new type of FA so its in the que?) I know its probably in the pipe, but here are my three big thoughts that I actually got back out of bed for in order to write. I think I had too much soda.


One of my favorite things to do is still Fleet Actions, the space ones at least. I forget there is the Breaking the Planet and after avoiding The Big Dig for months, it'll be another few months again. But it comes down to "incentivising" players to do certain missions. I don't think I've played Defari Ground since it hit Holo because of its odd times. But I thought of something a la STF Wednesdays. SO, why not have the Fleet Action Fridays? Cycle every Friday like the STFs? Starbase 24 the first Friday of the month, Breaking the Planet the next week, so on and so forth. (NO GEKI FA PLEASE!)

Again, incentive need to be a big part because I want to see the swarm of people on the hills of Breaking the Planet and the fleet of ships fighting their way through to Starbase 24 again.

At first I thought, well make the reward double that of the daily. But then realized that since there is no cool down (and I love running the Fed Mirror Event for the entire hour for my D), that Cryptic might not be up for giving out double the daily D that can be run all day. So my other thoughts were:

1) make space FA's- standard Daily D, plus X energy credits, plus X latinum, while making
ground - standard Daily D, plus double space EC, plus space latinum and a half

Because lets face it, I may like shooter mode and enjoy ground combat a bit, but getting people to invest time into ground FA is going to need incentive

2) make it 480 D like the STFs with a mix of energy credits and latinum as well.

So again, Fleet Action Fridays, lets see it happen.


Why B'ger Mondays? Well, because everyone hates Mondays. My thoughts on having B'ger (Borg Red Alerts) Mondays is this, there has been some that have been asking for another outlet for Encrypted Data Chips.

So why not from B'ger Mondays? Running the Borg DSE's (Red Alerts) on Mondays would guarantee you EDCs, but ONLY if you beat the boss. Now you see why I chose Mondays. (Don't phase me!) But this way, Cryptic would know that people could only potentially get another 11 EDCs on Mondays and that's even a stretch because depending on teaming factors, etc., it can be hard to beat B'ger. And I mean come on, some days the B'Ger makes the Tac Cube on Infected Space look like a nanite probe.


So this one would take a bit of tweaking, but why not have an event where you have to destroy a Doomsday Machine? I mean, I enjoyed that level and the idea of a fleet dealing with something exotic, in the vein of the Entity, just not as painful to do?

I know that the event system is still in its infancy. I know that just having new generic events like FED Mirror Event with say Dominion or Breen would be really fun and might be in the works. But what I was hoping to convey is that there is existing content that can have special days to possibly get some draw to the game.

My three most hated, wasted, play once in a blue moon levels are;

3) The Big Dig
2) The C Entity
1) Geki FA

I know the Entity is on the event list now, but when I did it a week or so ago, too many claimed to have the 'right' way to do it, people weren't paying attention to chat advice, etc. Geki is just plain.....

Incentives like what I've proposed here, I think would be a good way to turn at least The Big Dig around and also get Fleet Actions back to the way they were when a majority of us first tried it out; amazing because there were many ships and people running around. I got a taste of that the other day when Scout Force was a daily; there were two fleets of 5, but to me that's a rare sight. I'm hoping that if you, the community find something worth endorsing here, that we can have more of those sights again.
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01-13-2012, 02:51 AM
I'd like it if they'd just bring back Time to Craft again.
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01-13-2012, 02:43 PM
I didn't notice that. No more 'discount' on the mats? That's a really big bummer.
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01-13-2012, 02:51 PM
There was a "time to craft" last night. I actually went to craft something but realized when I got there, that even after 20% off dilithium cost crafting anything was still a colossal ripoff. I just bought the item I wanted from the exchange instead.

I tried "Big Dig" once, but it was a long, long time ago, long before the ground revamp. Since ground was atrocious back then I never went back. Maybe I should try it again although you say it's still a bad idea.

I agree about having more of these kinds of events. If anything to add variety- although I wonder how much people will go for them if you don't get any kind of substantial reward for doing so. I mean come on, nobody runs STFs because they're fun, they do it for EDCs and STF gear. Since handing out EDCs for events like Gorn Minefield don't make sense, I think you'd have to give out a substantial dilithium reward for completing the fleet actions in order to get any kind of traction.

But I will also add, please add Terradrome to your list. Why can't they put it in the STF queue? It seems like this mission is orphaned and you are stuck with spamming zone chat to find a group to do this mission. I'm curious and want to try it. Seriously Cryptic, your game is so starved of content, yet people can't even play all of what little content there is!
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01-13-2012, 03:15 PM
Oh, okay. I usually seek out the FED Mirror Event and see if its going to be a time that I'd hop back on to play, so I usually skip looking at the other events.

I totally agree with your assessment on needing rewards. Dilithium is what I would see as the biggest incentive, but what amount is something I'd like feed back on. Like in the original post, I mentioned doubling the reward of the daily, but since you could virtually run Starbase 24 for 12 hours under that model, maybe there needs to be a mix of rewards, from the Fleet Action side.

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