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# 1 A few C-Store suggestions
01-13-2012, 08:20 PM
After having come back to STO after a spin around the MMO sphere, I have a few suggestions I'd like to make regarding the C-Store.

The first has to do with ship skins. Some of the "X.5" ships in the C-Store come with some nice skins. For example, I really like the Bellerophon class ship. However, I'm only interested in the skin and not the console and other stats it comes with. I would mainly like the skin for my VA Intrepid retrofit. However, I cannot justify spending 1,200 CP on one ship skin. I would like to see two options for ships like this. One option for the skin only that matches the price of the other ship skins and the full ship with the consoles etc. at it's normal price. This way those who only want the skin can pick that up and those who want the full package are free to purchase that as well.

The second has to do with Cryptic Points themselves. I'd like to see the cost values evened out a bit. For example, I've been playing DCUO on the side. SOE sells their station cash points for $1=100 points. It's very easy to gauge how much you need to spend for any item. If an item costs 400 points, I know it's going to cost me $4. CP however cost $6.25 per 500 points. I admit this is more of a personal annoyance, but I'd like to easily gauge how much something is going to cost me rather than have to look up how much points cost every time I consider buying something. If something similar could be done, where 500 CP = $5, that would be amazing.

The third and last has to do with CP sales. In all honesty, the 20% off sales aren't all that impressive. As mentioned before, I play DCUO on the side. SOE has bonus station cash days on rare occasions where if you buy points, you get double or even triple the points. So if you spend $10, you get $20-$30 in points. At first this might seem like a bad idea, but I can tell you that I watched people spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars during this period. They spent more money on station cash than a STO lifetime sub costs. I'm talking some people spending around $400-$800. I watched people literally throw money at SOE in such amounts that I just sat there with my mouth open. Keep in mind that a good deal of these were people who did NOT sub to the game. They were F2P players. Heck, even I got in on that and spent $15 for some bonus points. I can tell you right now that is so much more of an incentive to buy CP than a 20% off sale could ever be. I still can't get over how much people spent at that time. It was nuts.

These are just a few suggestions I have and think Cryptic could benefit from after having gone around and checked out some other F2P MMOs.

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