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# 11 Finally! :D
01-14-2012, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by ghost15 View Post
For those who search and find this, I was running TeamViewer (it was just idle in the background) and apparently that is the issue. I exited it out completely and now the launcher works, and is in the process of patching me up from the dvd install (sigh), but atleast its going now.
Thx man! Been searching for DAYS!! finally solved my problem!
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01-14-2012, 12:26 PM
This problem still isn't fixed for me. I don't have TeamViewer or anything similar.
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01-15-2012, 05:14 AM
im still stuck with blue screen of death, no CD, steam install

this game has a lot of potential. from time to time it is getting rather sickening to watch it bogged down by bugs that at this stage of the game shouldent be a problem....
im still playing it but im asking, why is it always a small bug that is a degree, i understand you have to think up new content. that takes time, but why is it always the smallest minute detail holding this game back. gameplay or bugwise, stop throwing me bones only at the last minute to take it away...course, not gonna matter much as i cant get in anyway,please stop letting this game shoot itself in the foot. id really love just to get in not having to screw with windows files more or less, and should i even get in, im probably too frustrated to play anyway. i like every system in game,space and ground combat (Ground given choice),BOFF,OFDOF,but ridiculous small bugs like falling through things are tolerated,gamekilling bugs....and theyve been tolerated for a while. such as the unkillable borg in the STF (may be fixed, cant get into to find out)

im starting to ask, with all due respect, where do all those $300 checks and monthly subs and soon F2P revenue go? it certainly dosent seem like its going to maintaining the game, content, yes. its going there,thats good. but id rather things work from time to time....again, all due respect, i like this game...but sorry weary of small bugs that never get fixed then when you want to play you are errored or bugged out.

probably gonna get a ban or a ban warning but at this point,i cant even get into my game and its not gonna matter either way. and should i get in, another game killing bug will most likely shut it off again.

please start fixing things so i dont have to worry about little bugs turning the game unplayable, your only holding it back by doing so IMO. your game, your concepts, all good... last time. please get them in a working it is enjoyable, at this point, going F2P is not gonna save it. people dont stick around for a bugged game, and the more people you get in and get content, they will spread the word pretty much and eventually they DO start buying things,not just your vets, new people as well. again, im sorry for the long rant, but watching it kick itself in the rear after becoming a favorite game for every way it pulls together in a different way or ways is rather hard to watch.

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