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01-16-2012, 08:37 AM
I was a bit hesitant to try my standard hulltanker I have posted in the first page when I saw the new borg set tweaks, but in retrospect, I put on the deflector and shield (Will be switching to MACO when I can).. The shield proc is generally quite insane.

P.S. why do people run neutroniums for their engineering slots? I would imagine that in the STFs you would want electroceramics for the high plasma resist? The neutroniums seem useful as a catch-all for general PvE, but if running an STF where you solely fight borg, don't you want as high of plasma resist as possible?
To answer that, the consoles for resistances all have diminishing returns with the equations targeting 40% softcap. Stacking all of one console type usually gives less of an overall benefit over spreading things out. I'll admit that, yes, if you used three eletroceramic plates, you'd get somewhere in the margin of 43-45% plasma resist, but... And this is a big but.

Using 1x Monotanium, 1x Neut, 1x Electro, and even before taking skills like Hull Reinforcement and Armour Plating into account, you can sit on 34-36% resists EACH (Plasma, Kinetic). Count the armour perks if you have them, and the skills, once they're all fixed, you can potentially sit on 40-45% Plasma, Kinetic with 25-27% in the unfocused damage types.

Atleast, if you're a pure armour tank like some of us.

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