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First, I have to have BRAVO! I never really liked your company as a whole, with the horrible decisions make with COH and how you failed with Champions and had to go f2p to turn a profit. regardless, the real TEAMS of cryptic are amazingly talented and I respect you all - even if your "higher-ups" urk me to no end! LOL

Some things can be done to make STO better and bigger!


Right now, as in many other mmos, you are ONLY promoting (when you do) to CURRENT MMO PLAYERS on blogsites, game sites, etc...
What needs to be done is have ADs put in Star Trek comic books and magazines. Have commercials played for STO, following different segments of Star Trek television reruns and movie airings. ESPECIALLY a trailer needs to me created and ran with the previews before the new Star Trek movie!!! THAT alone will generate a ton of promotion.

The problem is the majority of Trek fans DONT EVEN KNOW THAT THIS GAME EXISTS! And they should be the games MAIN demo! We can have MILLIONS by now if some of these things would happen.

That being said, the GAME....

ADD MORE simple roleplay and QOA parts to your EMPTY areas.

Andoria - Rangers and citizens, copied and pasted 100x over all over the planet, 1-2 vendors and THATS IT!!!! More needs to be added to this and OTHER planets so people can have fun living the in star trek online GAMEWORLD!

We need to break away fro SQUARES and instanced tiny maps. Its great because every episode can be different. BUT, there needs to be SOMETHING persistant in the gameworld.

Maybe a 3x3 or 5x5 planet for ground pvp and pve and surrounding space for the same. On the ground and in space, there will be OPEN pvp for all that enter. but also pvp "dailes" and pve "dailies" and EVENTS that you can pick up by hailing a transport or a comm station or npc or ship or this or that.

having places like this will allow players a break from repeating the same set of quests every day once at max level and allow for a REAL space in the game that is persistant to a degree!

Maybe make some areas allow more than 50 or 100 players.

Also, what about SPECIAL missions - where you get missions from a certain npc that is for all episodes. For example, theres a mission that you can do every 24hrs that gives rewards to go along with an exploration mission. So what about a mission of 1 -= defeat 100 enemies , 2 destroy 100 ships, 3 scan 100 anomolies, ETC.... these three aloine can give rewards and be dailies themselves that players can achieve while doing other missions.

As great s STFs and episodes are, the last year we have seen barely anything new, content-wise. Feature episodes died a year ago and now all episdoes and spread to each rank, so after rank 20 we have oNE per rank! and the na few exploration/pvp etc missions

We need more content but it doesnt have to be end game or episdoes. Just more to do!

Foundry is great, but should have been added in 2-3 years, AT LEAST after the first expansion. People have seen it as a LAZY way to give players something to do. And as fun as some of the missions are ,TRHEY ARE NOT "REAL" missions for STO! Noone would rather play a player-made mission instead of a cryptic-made mission

So please, lets let STO give rise to the new star trek future! Add more please! Everything loooks great, but SOMETHING has had to ber worked on in the last year aside from game systems.

Thanks and godpseed! Salute!

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