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# 1 Energy Siphon: Bug or Feature?
01-16-2012, 10:13 AM
Moderators, GM's and Admins: Don't ban me. I'm simply asking a question that I think everybody should try out as it doesn't effect PvP - if the other guy is awake in what they're doing.

If you have the correct skills on your Klingon captain and enhance them with Boff/Doff skills, you can deploy a wave on a transformer, another wave on the other transformer, then turn all attention on the gate. This bypasses the generators and the point of the transformers. The energy is siphoned from the transformers and they cannot actively heal the gate. As enemies are spawned as the generators are torn down, you essentially bypass this feature alltogether and can quickly burn through a couple of the STF's.

A properly setup elite STF'S group could thus send 1 carrier to one gate, another carrier to the other gate and the other three in the group can attack the marin gates. This basically completes the optional VERY quickly.

However, I'm left to suspect that the STF's were not intended to be played this way as the probes keep coming through even though the gate is not there. I believe that is a scripting issue.

Could some Klingon captains test this out with their fleets on Tribble (may require a respec for the energy transfer skills)? It would be great if we could get a couple people testing this and FIXING IT, before F-2-P goes 100% live.

HOWEVER, with the rework of the STF's and the skill tree, I'm forced to believe that this was an intended feature of the game for those creative personalities out there to find.

I'm just going to through it out there if in PvP and your target is not paying attention and you happen to get two full deployments of these energy siphon fighters on them, they have NO POWER! There shields are down, they have almost no movement, and you can forget about their auxiliary power. Furthermore, if they don't properly use an EPS Transfer and fire at will 1 (with beams), they can't get out of your hold and you're free to torpedo volley them to death - rather quickly I might add. I'll let the quick-to-reason ship fitting captains to come up with their own group fit to take full advantage of this seemingly OP ability.

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