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Hello—I filed a ticket about this, but wanted to post it here, too, to be thorough.

The Biochemist duty officer active power is supposed to add -10 Damage Resistance to most of your science debuffs on enemies. However, it is also showing up on all friendly buffs, too, like Nanite Health Monitor, Dylovene, and Melorazine, to name a few. That's silly, because most of those add Damage Resistance, but now they're taking some away at the same time too, due to the Biochemist bug.

It's entirely possible the -10 Damage Resistance text on friendly buff descriptions is just that, text, with no actual effect, but I can't risk going around debuffing my teammates when I'm trying to help them. It's safer not to use the Biochemist at all right now, and that's a shame (given the lack of other options).


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