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# 1 Multivector Tactical Escort
01-17-2012, 07:27 AM
Hey there,

I just recently came back to STO, my char is an Andorian Tac officer. To my very dismay, still no Andorian ship available.

Anyway. My starting point was a tactical escort witch dual heavy tetrion guns + quantum torp upfront, and tetrion turrets at the stern.

I decided to buy a shiny new toy, and went for a multi vector tactival escort. The first test was quite underwhelming.

Therefore my question. Those "vectors" are equipped with phaser weapons. Are they effected by phaser damage mods ?

In short: should I throw away my tetrions and switch to phasers ?

Second question: while I browsed the forums for an answer, I read that the quad laser cannons from the Sao Paolo are crap. Is this still true or should I invest in the ship in case I switch to phasers anyway ?

Thanks in advance.

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