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10-16-2011, 01:48 PM
I have updated the link in the second post to Nagorak's Weapon DPS Calculator.
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Due to the Season 5 Space Skill Revamp, the Ship Power Level Calculator is broken.

In my opinion the new Space Skill Revamp is not complete, or at the very least, unbalanced. The Space Traits got messed up. Consoles, Deflectors, etc. got altered too. Not to mention there are new consoles, and I think some new DOff traits to consider.

I feel the game will require the multiple patches over the next few weeks/months to get the system running smooth. I'll not likely even look at fixing the Calc until things become stable. I've removed the download links from the OP, but will keep the Legacy text for now.
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12-05-2011, 06:02 PM
Definitely looking forward to a new revision once Cryptic gets their act together.
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12-08-2011, 05:02 AM
Arrrrr darn i'm lost without your calculator! It was a very good and so useful tool. Now i'll need to trial and error my way through the skillboxes ... :*(
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01-13-2012, 09:11 AM
the calculator didn't work so bad with season 5. I adapted the new Energy skills with the old one and the power output levels of my ship fits very well to the power levels of the calculater. Power levels below 75 were the same as in the calculator. Power levels above were 2-3 points under the calculated values. I deposited all my equipment and looked up only energy levels due to skills.
I hope you are planning to fix your calculator because it's a very helpful and great tool.
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01-13-2012, 10:37 AM
I'd expect the old code is pretty close to the new one, so hearing the sheet matches fairly close doesn't surprise me. There are significant differences, and I wouldn't be content re-releasing the calc with that kind of error margin.

Finding the "fix" is the problem.

I can understand most maths, once presented, and am good at explaining such things that I already grok, but destilling the formula from presented raw data is not my strong suit. I can do it, but it takes me lots of time. I rock when it comes to designing Excel spreadsheets, but I stood upon giants. As I said in the OP, the formula and power info on which the Calc was based was provided by other users (Binkenstein, Kiala, and Tiran_Diaz). I just made it a "fill in the blanks for dummies" type of thing, hiding the complicated foruma behind a nifty spreadsheet. Heh.

Lately I'm having a blast, playing the game (I'm sorry to say ), I've not been in research mode. That said, I haven't given up on the Calc. In fact, I've been poking other players who have the time/inclination to futz with the new skills and break out the numbers. But until a dev/player can tell me the new formula or I'm bored enough to crack the code myself, the Calc will remain offline.

Thank you for your support.
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01-17-2012, 12:39 PM
I'm looking forward to any updates to the calculator as well. Roach had some interesting stats from the changes and what they do to power levels in this thread that he started:
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01-30-2012, 09:39 AM
I wanted to let you all know that I started some testing this last weekend to decipher the new skill behaviors. I didn't finish, but I did make some good progress, then my fleet needed a teammate for KA Space Elite, I just had to volunteer, and before you know it I was playing STFs for a few hours.

As I said, I'm having lots of fun playing Star Trek Online again (something that had been missing for a long time pre-S5). The Y2 Anniversary is this upcomming weekend, followed by the Featured Episodes for weeks after. I'll try to continue testing in between all the fun stuff, but well... Play is a priority. :p

Originally Posted by Cattivo80 View Post
...Roach had some interesting stats from the changes and what they do to power levels in this thread that he started:
I'm subscribed to that thread and have seen that data. While it's helpful in a basic way, it is also incomplete in the more complicated ways I need to derive a power formula. Most specifically is how the skills interact with each other. And that question has yet to be answered satisfactorily (but is one of the things on my list to test, when I get to doing that again).

So yeah... Bottom line is this project is not forgotten and will return Soon™.
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02-01-2012, 04:06 PM
Using a Human Captain with no Power-related Traits, on Tribble, with a Miranda, I've been doing some testing and here are my results so far...

Warp Core Efficiency
Skill.|......Power.......|..Gain @50/25
1.....|..50/50, 26/25..|..+0/+1
2.....|..51/50, 28/25..|..+1/+3
3.....|..52/50, 30/25..|..+2/+5
4.....|..53/50, 31/25..|..+3/+6
5.....|..53/50, 31/25..|..+3/+6
6.....|..53/50, 32/25..|..+3/+7
7.....|..54/50, 33/25..|..+4/+8
8.....|..54/50, 33/25..|..+4/+8
9.....|..54/50, 34/25..|..+4/+9
B1...|..54/50, 34/25..|..+4/+9
B2...|..55/50, 35/25..|..+5/+10
B3...|..55/50, 36/25..|..+5/+11

Based on just my testing, the Efficiency (only) portion of the new formula would be (Eff/533)*max(75-Power,0), and this seems to work for power settings 25 and 50 with a skill value from 0 to 121.5 (Skill Rank 9 + 3x Effc BOs @+7.5 each).

Warp Core Potential appears to be a straight power increase at all levels of 0.05/Skill. So at Rank 4 you have a 64 Skill and +3.20 power to each subsystem. The display always rounds down, so you see +3 on your UI:

Warp Core Potential

Note that at Rank 9 WCP is producing +4.95, so you're practically getting +5, but again, the display always rounds down. Also I still need to test the Performance skills, and see how all three work together (I'm assuming/hoping it's straight addition). Hopefully I'll get to this tonight.

Note that this info differs from what's been posted by cabal1202 and Roach. So there will be plenty more testing/iterations (or perhaps Dev confirmation) before we're through.
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02-02-2012, 09:12 AM
Last night I did my testing on the Performance Skills. I also did 24x different combinations of the three skills and recorded the combined results of these. This morning I think I've figured out the forumla for calculating Performance and will be putting it together with the other two and comparing to those 24 iterations.

Very soon a new Calculator should be posted.
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