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# 1 JemHadar Officer Build out
01-17-2012, 01:59 PM
I seen the old thread but found it lacking.

Officer buildout wise what is your loadout.

I got the following:

Eng - EPTS1
Univ (Eng) - EPTS1, RSP
Univ (Sci) - Tractor, HE
Tac - Tac1, HYII, RFII, Omega (I think I might switch out with RFII and make RFIII)
Tac- Tac1, HYII, RFII

I never die unless I am being lazy in PVE and pretty hard to kill in PVP. I seem to be top dps on PVE (hard to tell no dps meters, I just see who the cube is targeting and its always me) but I am often 2nd or 3rd on PVP. That might just be reaction speed as I am still transitioning from clicky mouse to binding for my buffs (I got the bind key for shields, tac team, and fire all weapons).

Tell me what you think and give me some ideas on what I could do to mix it up and make it better. Thanks in advance.

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