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Hi all,

Next time you come to face Donatra's ship these three simple strategies will ensure survival.

1.) You can always see who is the current target. All non-targeted ships need to tank the targeted ship with all their heals. Donatra will mostly stick with one target until she destroyed them or you happen to enter her forward arc of fire. She fires Torpedoe Spread so remember alot of damage is kinetic.

2.) I found that if you load maximum kinetic damage resistance consoles for engieering your survival of a direct hit is vastly improved. e.g I slotted three and suffered roughly 50% damage. With 3x Ablative armour (or specific weapon-type resistance consoles) I died almost immediately.

3.) When Donatra's ships wings deploy with the vertical wing-booms extended in your direction, hit evasive and get immediately out of the zone of fire, or you will die.
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01-16-2012, 01:27 PM
Yeah... I don't think 2 will work on Elite much. I do 3 a lot though.

Also, an extra small tip possibly. Saucer sections or Prometheus seperation parts can target cloaked ship, showing you direction and distance of the ship. I often seperate my saucer (which miraculously survives longer than me despite being auto-guided) and use the saucer to find out where they are.

Another thing, I switch my setup so I have: Chroniton Torpedoes - 33% chance of slow etc. Very useful. Tricobalt Device - I have Heavy Torpedo abilitity and this has a chance of creating a singularity in Donatra's ship which does not only damage but appears to slightly thwart their cloak. If you hit Donatra at the right time with a Heavy Tricobalt (done this many times) they get stunned for 2 seconds and can't fire their Thaleron beam. I've saved 3 team-mates with this tactic. Also, Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines also help with Donatra.
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01-18-2012, 06:32 AM
I have 2 guaranteed ways of getting out of the way of Donatra's ship. The first is called 'Evasive Maneuvres' and gives me just enough of a push to escape the blast range of her supercannon, or whatever it is. The second is called 'Impulse Capacitance Cell' and is brilliant for getting out of her way. Of course, the Cell is only of use on escort type ships, but then they are the ones most likely to pop if she hits them.
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01-18-2012, 07:09 AM
There is one more, which I love to use and have on all my cruiser captains:

Emergency Power to Engines. Combine that with Evasives at 100 Eng Power and you'll fly past ships that are on Full Impulse. :-) (although only for a brief time)


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