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Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
Generally, when I am leveling an alt I'll buy all the top-O-D-line equipment with my main and ship them to my alt. But I've run into an interesting situation where that is no longer an efficient use of my EC. Since my alts can now level from LT1 to Captain 30 in a few hours, those low level items now serve little purpose. Indeed, the prices of the MkII and MkIV items on the exchange has tanked. And since I'm using a bunch of scaling weapons, I have found no need to buy anything else.

I was just curious if anyone else has run into this.
I never waste my resources on buying anything but common equipment for my alts until they reach level cap.

I stock up on Common even number equipment for my Captain and 4 members of the Bridge Crew and just swap out the equipment between them has I get better Bridge Officers.

Most of the time I donít need to buy any new equipment at all because I just store all my starter gear on one of my alts and just mail it out has needed.

The only time that Iíll ever buy anything above common for a non-maxed level Character is if I got it for a crazy low price.

The thing to remember is that common gear can always be resold.

Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare becomes useless the second that you take your character to the next level and you can only get half of its printed value if you sell it to and NPC vendor.

I try to list every piece of Uncommon Ė Very Rare Equipment that I find on the exchange that I canít find a use for.

Iím currently generating about 3 million EC a day listing my Drops and unneeded Doffs on the exchange.

Sometimes I even hunt in the exchange for items that players list for less than half of their printed value so I can buy them and NPC them for a Profit.

Sometimes you need to think like a Ferengi

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