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01-18-2012, 11:21 AM
I get it, it's a foundry mission template, and that's still very cool.


Like CaptainQuirk post, I too would love to see a more offical use of the planet. Not just foundry missions only.

I pictured having your as an ex-KDF getting sent there, being striped of all rank and post, for a crime you been framed for by someone from a different House within the Empire. This would be where you would start your KDF career as a player, or how I would like to see you start off in the game in the Klingon faction. You sent to RP, and members of your house still loyal to you help with your escape.

In short it could work like this.

1. You make your Avatar, and start off the game standing in front of the Klingon Judge. Where you are sentanced to life in RP at hard labor. You learn what the crime your charged with, and who leveled the charges against you.

2. While you learning the controls to the game, you meet up with your 1st officer to your ship. A member of your house that was planted in the prison, and they help you to escape.

3. After you escape in the starter ship with your 1st BO, you fight it out in a space battle with members of the other House that had you sent there to begin with.

At the end of this Opening mission, you go toe to toe with the Klingon that framed you of the crime, and win back the right to join the KDF. But you have to start off from the ground level again. This is one way I could see a fully working Klingon faction starting off. Would be a fun way to start your KDF career, and put RP in a more offical use in the game. Just IMO of course.

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