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01-18-2012, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by Kreitun
Real good example of What I feel is Unrepentant. Last eve,from about 1 am until,well I logged out at 5:30 am.
Well, Bugs Bunny came on...There were about 6 of us online,more were there off and on. And we just talked,all night. No stf's,no missions except the ones we were doing on our own. No demands were made,no one got mad. The conversation ran the from guns to gravy,from dilithium to duct tape.

I enjoyed every second. We pestered each other,a few coffee recipes were tossed around,but spent all night just bsin' like old friends do. That's what I like about this fleet. You meet folks that you will remember from now on. And that ain't bad. Goto and meet some of the best around.

Originally Posted by Grraver
Ahyes the things that happen in our group of Ueys, Kreitun made the perfect example of how "brotherly" or comrade like we can be and usually are. Dont hesitate to take a look at us, the website, and chat with us a little to find out something about a possible future symbiosis.
This goes for this part of the unrepentant aswell...

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