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# 1 Bridges that have no function
01-18-2012, 11:02 PM
Well being I'm one of the unhappy people who own some c-store bridges with nothing to do on them I have some things to voice about them and a suggestion. The first thing is I have noticed that a lot more time and detail has gone into federation bridges and some things to point out versus the KDF ones. Pretty much I was disappointed that the free bridges and the c-store kdf bridges are pretty much identical. As well if you go to any KDF engineering or crew deck those decks are absolutely the same. What I would suggest is that Cryptic go and give these KDF bridges some more work and put the value in them that people who have already bought them should have as well as to put value in them to get more people to buy them.

The suggestion for bridges in general though knocks out two issues or problems with one stone and gets a function like bridges some purpose. The idea or suggestion I have is a cross between the doff system and mentor programs with other MMO's. There is not really an endgame to this game yet since most of us do not count stfs being redone once in awhile as new endgame content. So you have tons of max cap level players and potentially lots more new F2P players and you also have this bridge thing that serves no purpose. So the general ideas is to pull all of this negative stuff (not saying new players are negative but you know what I mean) and turn into something positive. So you got ppl trying to level up and you want to go do an STF and you don't feel like doing that mission for the 1000th time. So like the doff system you can invite people to your bridge to become like duty officers except as the mentor you get bonuses while playing from the people working on your bridge. As well the mentee's get the xp they want so everyone wins.

Some may say like they have in the past oh this will never work because you have to have so many players on at once. Well make a system that doesn't require a minimum of more than one person. As well personally I would feel better when I know that borg are trying to assimilate my ship that there is a live person making sure they are all killed and dealt with instead of tactical team just making the debuff vanish and me having to take your word for it little debuff button.

I'm sure we will see this one day afterall businesses do like to make money and I am a money making idea generator. Do not forget to put the quarter in my slot to get the next one out.

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