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I am posting here because i am not sure this is a bug. It must be something I am doing wrong or i would have seen posts in the forum about this, so i need other players to assist me in correcting this myself.

Both my fleet leader and i have noticed recently that Photonic Fleet no longer guarentees us 3 ships, even with the supporting skills in the skill tree maxed out. Here is a more specific example:

I am engaging an enemy and call in Photonic Fleet. The skill activates, and for a split second it appears that three ships materializxe, but TWO of the ships immediately disappear. Only one ship engages. The second example is that sometimes NONE of the ships stay - they ALL disappear.

Here are my troubleshooting steps:

1) As a SCI I tend to keep distance between the enemy and myself. So I tend to be just under the 10 km range. I figured distance was the issue and the ships that were spawning may have been out of range and thus did not "detect" and aggro my enemy. So I moved closer and assured I was using this skill almost right on top the enemy. however the result did not waver. i still have random ships disappear the moment they come in. 2 out of 3 times I end up with only a single ship.

2) AI Assessment and Status - I know that some enemy ships in PvE are considered hostile. STF matches, for instance, have gates and transformers which are not hostile, so fighters and AI do not attack them, and rightly so - they are just gates. However I have tested this out in storyline missions on a variety of enemies, such as Cardassian, Borg and such, with the same result.

3) Assured the proper skills are maxed out fir this skill. According to the skill tree when selecting Photonic Fleet, it appears that Driver Coil, Graviton Generators and Partical Generators - are completely maxed out, AND supplemented with a console each for the Graviton and Particle Generators.

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know. If this is a new feature implemented in a patch since season 5, please point me to the notes on that? I am one of those people who actually reads the patch notes at every release and I never recalled seeing any changes for Photonic Fleet behavior.

Thank you, all, for any thoughts on this. Hopefully it is something I can resolve myself so I do not have to bug the devs with a needless ticket.

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