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i notice this especially while DOffing

that includes a lot of switching around Characters (logging out + back in constantly)
and a lot of ALT+TAB-ing
i don't know if that's the cause, but could be.

i notice that

a) the Astrometrics are ENABLED but the button shows "Enable Astrometrics" and i will have to click it twice for the Astrometrics visuals to go away again.

b) then it is ENABLED again as i zone in to the next sector block map

c) when i have it DISABLED (while the button is acting out as described above) i constantly run into single graphics from the enabled mode, in particular the Planet-Lollipop sticks show up randomly but constantly.
If i click the button 2 more times they sometimes go away, sometimes not at all.

anybody else having this issue or additional information?

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