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I am not sure as to what has all raised in prices on the c-store. I have noticed some ship prices higher. My feeling is that with these new prices the 400 c points for subscribing is even more pointless what do all of you think about it. Anyone with good reasons to stay subbed and not to go F2Pspeak up I have been subbed from beta. It just seems more and more it will be to my advantage to go F2P. I do not do much PvE so gaining c point is a bit slow. Ok for 12.50 USD I can buy 1000 c points less then even the 6 month sub fees on top of what I earn in game. Or I pay 14.99 USD get 400 and whatever I earn in game just seem rather unbalanced.

-Create a fleet goes away after 20 hour across all characters, account has ever had a sub, or account has made a c-store purchase.

“boy that’s not difficult”

-10 million EC cap but you can just buy more or have a fleet put it in there.

-Manually convert dilithium

“Oh no”

-2 character slots instead of 3

-1 additional Boff slot

And on and on

My point is all the go away or can be purchased so no sure why I would stay subbed unless a lot of F2Per are coming and my access will be limited, but that a really big if. I have no problems paying a monthly sub but its got to be logical.

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