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01-19-2012, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post
that is not correct.

The Karfi, with the current configuration I run, outdamages most escorts that I run with. Add to that its much tougher and can launch explosive fighters, makes it a dangerous ship.

Very few Escorts, on both sides, can outdamage me in a STF or instance. just a fact.
When you say Escort do you actually mean "shuttle"? Because I'm having a difficult time making your post factual without changing the meaning of a few words. Possibly even phrases. Maybe I can help!

" I like my Karfi. Sometimes I play in an STF and other players are using Escorts. I like my Karfi because it is super tough and rugged! It launches tiny ships that explode! BOOM! This is dangerous. Especially if you happen to be on one of the tiny ships when I launch it. Just a fact. "

There you go! A nice tidy heartfelt and much more factual post! And dare I say it? It has more STYLE.

Just a fact.
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01-20-2012, 01:03 AM
Allow me to help interpret instead, Thissler. He's basically speaking the truth, with one exception. Quite frankly the Kar'fi is certainly NOT super tough/rugged without gimping it's offensive abilities to the point that the other part of the statement would no longer be true (unless the escorts just SUCKED-which does happen sometimes anyways). It's not quite as fragile as it was the first time I was playing the game, but, I do still have a copy of Jam Sensors 1 slotted in case I get the unwanted attention from a Cube.

The Kar'fi certainly is an exceptionally capable damage dealer-I don't know if I'd say THE best, but, if not above a pure escort, it is at least very close. 7 weapon slots-as many as an escort. The turn rate to actually be able to utilize torpedoes and cannons. 2 launcher bays, and those kamikaze fighters do appreciable damage on their suicides (and at least something on the way in). 5 tactical BOff skills. 3 tactical consoles. The ability to have 2 copies of GW, and 4 science consoles that can be stuffed with particle generators to enhance those GWs...

That's a very "gistlike" sense of how to make the Kar'fi a damage dealer. Granted, you have to run high weapons & auxiliary power (123, 86 respectively on my boat), and you sacrifice a lot of survivability to turn yourself into this glass cannon, but it is certainly within the realm of reason that a Kar'fi can match an escort in terms of damage dealt.
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01-20-2012, 02:22 AM
I would say, i depends highly on your own playstyle.
I personally work with my pets. For example, at the start of Khitomer space, i use siphons to make the tac cube teethless, and than start def 1 side, using fighters. Since BoPs dont accept your order (well see, when this will be fixed...maybe) and the Skul fighter dps are ****, the standart fighters go for best results. (dealing 300 DC dmg/8-12k torp dmg all 8 sec, multiplied by 12 fighters, this is a neat initial attack)
)For Weapons i use 4 beams (dmg between 800-1400dmg) and 2 tricobalt ( the knockback/disable is pretty handy in denying a nanite to reach its target).
all in all, the dps of my carrier isen't the best, but this isn't my focus. I focus on stying alive and suporrt the best i can.

Btw. with siphons i can even tank a tac cube in elite alone, once i got his energy down, i trade 1 bay for fighters for extra dmg. The only thing i need to do, is staying alive, since i die, my pets will also, and the cube will be back online.

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