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like title says game just crashed with an error related to this driver version. This is the latest available to my graphic card G Force 9600 GT.
I played this game 2-3 days but i didnt got this crash. Now just happend few minutes ago.
If i will get error again i guess i will have to install the old original driver from CD for my graphic card ?
Oh and pls dont tell me that i have to change my graphic card its good and runs well games (with older driver).Also i cant afford to make some shopings .
This new driver 285.58 is installed recently on a new XP SP3 windows , i thought it would be better but i guess the original driver for my graphic card is better ?

and yes the driver is compatible (THEORETICALLY i guess) with my graphic card and downladed from Nvidia website .

I got the submit ticket pop up and i described there about this too.

Started Launcer and ..An error was detected by game. Please verify your files.. i confirmed yes.
Atm game rescans all the files .. and waiting to see

Edit : Started game normal , seems everything alright till crash ?

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