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So first of all; all my character slots were filled before i received my 700 veteran reward: that supposedly gave me another Character slot. Well a month plus later i have do not have another character.

AH, the problem; you need one character slot for the foundry. I don't use the foundry and am not planning on it so i do not need my character slot there for testing my material; i need/want it on the main server/holodeck.

I see that to use the foundry one needs a character slot there to test it; if i had all character slots filled and wanted to use the foundry obviously i would need to buy more character slots from the c-store to use the foundry... now why is that not the case? not the option of mine to use my character slot allowance to either make a new holodeck character versus the foundry test character??

So to conclude this; I want my 700-day veteran reward, a new character.

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