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Hello i join this greet community 6 days ago (played 1 year ago for 10 days) and had a blast so far i am vice admiral was aming to get tactical retrofit but will have to wait a bit longer seeing i need C-points.

Right now i am in advance escort was aiming for fleet one but was to impatient after 12h when i got to that level so i choose the first one i saw

Here is my layout i use 3 plasma DHC, 1 Tetryon DHC up front 2 plasma Turret and 1 Tetryon Turret in back.
Do plan to get to 3dhc 1 torp front and 3 turrets in back back. Now i would like to know wich type of DHC to use and what consoles i should mount.

My skill tree:
starship attack patterns 9
starship energy weapons 9
starship maneuvers 9
starship energy weapons specialization 9
starship weapon training 9
starship projectile weapons 3
starship targeting system 9
structual integrity 9
starship electro-plasma system 6
starship engine performance 6
starship armor reinforcmants 5
starship impulse thrusters 9
starship hull plating 6
starship hull repair 9
starship warp core efficiency 9
starship warp core potencial 9
starship shield performance 9
starship weapons performance 9
starship shield emitters 9
starship shield systems 9

Tac1: tactical team I, Torpedo high yield II, cannon:rapid fire II,attack pattern omega III
tac2: tactical team I,rapid fire I,attack pattern beta II

Eng: eng team I,Emergency power to shields II

Sci1: Science team I, hazard emitters II
Sci2: Polarize hull I

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