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Originally Posted by Pardigm
I would LOVE to sit down with devs and flesh out their ideas, the communities ideas, and my ideas for a MAJOR push into Fleet controlled Starbases and Territory control. The following thread: CLICK HERE! already started this discussion off right.

I know devs go home to their family's at night and otherwise have a life other than work, as do I. I'm willing to put aside everyday life for a couple of nights on Skype or something with Whiteboard for a "meeting of the minds" if you will to really get the ball rolling on this content.

Shoot me an email and others giving good input to this general topic and we can schedule something. Heck, if the community can design our own ship and it be adopted by CBS and Star Trek canon, then why not mine all of our collective thoughts for good ideas in how to develop a canon based, second-to-NONE endgame for this wonderful game?

I've Alpha and Beta tested many, MANY games, personally created content for mods for other games and and have an incredible eye for detail. If you guys need cheap manpower, I'd be happy to chip in.

I'm a developer and I would put in my time for free to the game for sure. I'm a fleet leader, I beg and beg for fleet improvement.

The idea that fleet bases are not even in development, well I'm not happy at all put it that way. So I keep asking for short term fixes and still no dev replies to my comments because I'm generally an idiot.

I honestly think they are going to take far too long releasing the content we want because they are making it better than it needs to be in the short term. I would rather see something basic released then watch it improve over time.


Cryptic Undervalue Open Progress

They are seriously under valuing the effect of gamers getting to see content improve over time. Give us the fleet base exterior and a simple interior with not a lot of functions next month. But also be creative and add a place in that interior where fleets can read about how fleets bases are planned to change. Players will see something is being done plus see that more will eventually come. Rather than wait the entire year for something amazing but lose subscriptions because players are just not sure what is truly coming.

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