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Am I the only one having this issue? After one of the recent patches (around when F2P went live) every time I open the inventory window the game slows down drastically. No other settings influence this, and even when I set graphical options to minimum, with Half Resolution on, I still have problems with the framerate. This only happens with the character's/ship's inventory window opened, from what I noticed. When I change to the "Assets" tab everything goes back to normal. Character equipment window also seems OK. Only the inventory and bank are causing problems.

I remember having something similar with the Doff Store way back on Tribble. Every tab worked fine, while the Military one caused severe lag and framerate issues, but that one was supposedly fixed. Now I can barely play with my inventory opened and I don't know what's causing this. I didn't change any in-game settings nor anything in the software.

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