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Let me explain. I have Beam: Fire at Will rank I and II on a bridge officer. Ingame I can't find any information telling me what rank II does vs rank I.

Same goes for the other abilities, like Torpedo: High Yield I, II, and III I'm assuming launch more and more torpedoes per rank (save for plasma) but that's just a guess.

Is there anywhere ingame that tells you what these ranks do? I was told Beam: Fire at Will increases in rate of fire with higher ranks, which is wrong according to the wiki, and which means people are not clear on these abilities because there's no info on them ingame.

What I'm asking is how to find out what each rank of each ability does.

On a side note, the wiki says higher ranks do more damage: Damage multiplier, and fire rate remains the same. Is that fire multiplier added to your current beam arrays? When I activate it vs a single target, am I doing more damage with it than if I didn't activate it and fired my arrays normally? When it's vs multiple targets, is each target getting the full damage from my array with each hit, or is it some reduced amount?

I'm wondering because the beam durations are shorter with this active, and in another space game I played for years beam duration is directly proportional to beam damage (so short duration beams do very little damage; they're meant for clearing out mines and defending vs incoming projectiles and not for firing at ships).

(also, when I have different arrays equipped, is each one taken into account? I have a purple in one slot that does the most damage, two blues in two other slots, and a stock array in the 4th slot - heavy cruiser btw. How does Fire at Will damage work out in this case?)

Sorry, I know it's a lot of questions, but it bugs me when I don't know the underlying mechanics of things like this, and when there's a total absence of information ingame.

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