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We seen a few events happen on the shows, where things happened on the ship. So will we get this iin the game one day? I hope so. Like the time loop one on TNG, where the ship would blown up, and they had to start over again, and again, until they figured out what not to do. lol Not saying I would that sameone, just some that would have us doing a ship in the ship.
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01-24-2012, 10:41 AM
I'd love for this to happen, but I'd suspect it won't happen anytime soon.

Because every player can customize their bridge, and the rest of their interior layout, you first need a way for the mission to determine what bridge you're currently using, and what layout. And then which bridge officers should be there. And what happens if you're teamed with someone else? Who's ship is the mission supposed to use if you want to do it with a friend?

And then after you figure that out, it's really hard to create missions since all this stuff is different from player to player. I can't say 'have a group Romulans beam in just inside Engineering' because the coordinates for that spot will be different for each person. Or 'interact with this console' because not all bridges may have that console or panel, and even if it does, it probably isn't on the same spot.

Each bridge and layout would have to be outfitted with a bunch of named spots to work around this, but even then, some things may not work because on one ship you may have line of sight between two points, but not on another.

In short, something like this is possible, but would require a refitting all the bridges and layouts, and would take a lot of time and work. And it gets worse if the dev idea to let people customize their ship layouts in something like the Foundry ever goes through.
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01-24-2012, 10:45 AM
So in Season 2 we got horribly over scaled and generic stharship interiors. The justification was that massive interiors were required to fit enemies in for shipboard missions (since all missions involve phasers). The incredibly generic maps were because to make the missions, they had to do a version of each mission for each map.

This was a catch-22 situation. We could not have reasonably scaled and detailed interiors, because Cryptic missions could not take place on them. We could not have missions aboard our ships without large maps.

We got half of the deal (the over sized maps), but never got the other half (missions aboard our ships).

What really should have happened was Explore missions would typically have a trigger event aboard the ship. This could be some one in sickbay, something happening in engineering, an anomaly to be examined in the lab, etc. Nearly every Star Trek episode starts on the ship (and many take place almost entirely on the ship). Having that trigger and discussions on the ship would have greatly improved the Trek feeling of Exploration Cluster missions.
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01-24-2012, 10:52 AM
Well I don't see why they can't mirror our basic ship setup, you really don't need the bridge, seeing who you would be leaving it anyway to start your mission on ship. I don't see it being a huge issue if they use the current maps, but of course I am just basing it on what I have seen so far on my ship. The Bridge and ready room or that's an issue, but we don't need them to be part of any mission done on your ships do we?

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