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# 1 Ship Weapon Hard-points
01-24-2012, 11:00 AM
Ship weapon hard-points in-game can be a little hit or miss, for the most part they are all good but there are a fair few ships that have more 'visual' weapon hard-points than actual 'functional' hard-points.

As a result some ships can look a bit odd when firing there weapons, a prime example of this is the Hegh'ta Heavy Bird of Prey (I probably spelled it wrong) it has so many unused cannon hard-points yet as the potential to have one of the most fearsome weapon display on any ship.

So what does everyone else think about ship weapon hard-points, and is there any ships you think could do with some adjustments to there hard-points?

Also on the subject of hard-points how awesome would it be if Dual Beam Banks had separate hard-points instead of all firing from the same spot

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